MCN Amicus Review

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MCN Amicus Review

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I recently purchased an Amicus from MCN. It should be noted as the website states these devices are semi custom. The base rings are made to order, but the cage portions are premade in China. I believe Mark works his magic on the fit and finish, then marries them up to one of his base rings. MCN to my knowledge is the only company out there that provides this type of service. For someone new to the chastity lifestyle and on a budget this is an ideal situation. His prices are very reasonable and shipping is quick. Customer service was very good. He is a one man operation so communication was not always as quick as I might have liked, but he always got back to me within 24hrs.
As far as my Amicus is concerned. It looked very nice out of the package. The base ring welds were flawless. The inside of the cage has a gray frosted appearance. The outside was polished to a high gloss. The cage fit me perfectly. I wore it for 10 days with little issue. I did have issue with some of the welding. Mark said these are high production Chinese units so they're not always going to be perfect. Mark offered to replace it with another from his stock. We actually worked out an upgrade for a Contender. I would absolutely not hesitate to buy from MCN again. I am very happy with my experience.
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Re: MCN Amicus Review

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I have been in a heavily modified MCN Amicus for over 1 1/2 years myself. Mark has been wonderful to work with to customize my cage.
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