Mike's Spikes

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Mike's Spikes

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Got my birthday wish - my wife got me Mike's Spikes, the adjustable version of a Kali's Teeth Bracelet from the Stockroom. Tonight was our first time experimenting. My thoughts:

Getting on, soft, is no problem. My wife was happy to lock me in.
Yes, it's heavy - I'd want some support moving around in it - mostly I sat still!
Oh, yes, arousal is intensely painful. Even with the duller spikes, any tease from my wife would cause immediate shocking pain. The first few fumbles to unlock me were genuinely panicky on my part.
The biggest surprise was how extra painful the release from the device is - pulling skin I suppose.
Loosen the spikes, relock, more arousal, more pain, more panic. Yes, this is what I asked for. And boy did I get it!
Once free, I feared my penis would be a fountain of blood - or at least red puncture marks - but no problem at all!
So yes, I'm looking forward to getting to know the Spikes better! And yes, I'm more smitten than ever with the woman who locked me in!
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Ejaculation is for babies.
Mostly honor system. Mike's Spikes for special occasions.

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