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Re: Chinese A274

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Hooray for us donkeys! I recently bought an A275 and A278. The A275 is the "correct" fit for me, very close to my MM Jailbird, but the curve was not flattering. The cages are decent but the contour base rings are crap. I tried them both on and after a few hours, I tossed them into my cock cage junk box.

Yesterday I took an A231-a cage and with my bare hands, snapped the end and two rings off, making a locking cock ring out of the base and attaching ring. That got me thinking. I prefer a smaller cage sometimes so I took the A275 and again with my hand, I closed up all the rings like an accordion. Then I used a square shaft screw drive to space them out slightly. The resulting fit is very nice. Just throwing that out there as an option.

That being said, I had to put way too much work into cleaning up the base ring. I'm thinking of just making it fit to the older round rings.

I really want to try an A277, does anyone recommend a good seller for one, or in the alternative, a good seller for the contour base ring? Like I said above, the cages were great but the ring was garbage. Considering the stupidly low prices, I would totes buy a separate base ring.
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