mini/micro cage for a beginner?

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mini/micro cage for a beginner?

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Im looking for a very small cage in both length and width. prefferably around 1-2cm in length. I have a chinese cage now that I bought from amazon thats steel and around 4cm in length, its way too big for me when flaccid. I can easily "escape" it, usually not intentionally.

Id prefer a steel cage but if plastic ones are more stealthy I'll go for that. I work out a lot and try to wear more and more female clothes as im trans, so its often tight clothes that I wear, so I´'d prefer a cage that I can wear without it being noticeable.

Im a student without a job and a beginner so im looking for a cheaper device to begin with, if thats even possible.

one last thing, a question, the current cage im wearing has a ring thats 45mm, i struggle a lot trying to get my testicles inside it, any advice to get it on more easily? or should I try to go for 50mm next time?

thank you for reading :)
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Re: mini/micro cage for a beginner?

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I will leave the advice on a device to some that have shorter cages.

As to the ring, if it is comfortable once you have it on I would NOT advise going bigger. Try pulling as much as you can of your scrotum sac through first, push your larger testicle through, hold it in place and then push the other one through. Kitten also uses a light coat of gel/powder on the inside of the ring before starting.
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Re: mini/micro cage for a beginner?

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You could try a knockoff Nub. It’s extremely short and I can’t imagine accidentally coming out of it, especially if the ring fits snugly. The locking mechanism is larger than the tube, so it’s very discrete.
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Re: mini/micro cage for a beginner?

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The gap between the cage rings can be pressed closed to within a mm or two. The A ring is usually very comfortable.
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