Device Advice for Unique Situations

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Device Advice for Unique Situations

Post by Zelphair »

Hello, everyone. I'm new and looking for some advice. Hoping this is the right place.

I have two wonderful men in my life that I want to cage and who want to be caged, my husband and my pet. We had a go at something basic off Amazon to get started, but both of them had issues that meant it didn't work for them. Here's the one we tried, for reference: ... asin_title

My husband's problem is with his balls. His are very much of the "high and tight" variety. They hardly hang at all, making anything that depends on a ring like that pretty much unworkable. Biological diversity being what it is, I'm sure someone else has had this issue. Are there other styles of cage that would work better for this?

My pet's problem is simply his size. He's quite well endowed, and honestly a bit of both a grower and a shower. Certainly not a cause for complaint normally, but it makes caging him a bit trickier. The cage we did order, we tried the largest ring, and while we were able to get it on with a lot of work and a bit of lube, within about twenty minutes, his balls were turning purple. Obviously, we took it off immediately. I'm sure there are some options out there specifically for guys his size, but some rudimentary searching didn't help. I can take exact measurements when he's over this weekend, if that helps.

In both cases, I want something better suited to their individual needs, though I also would prefer not to break the bank starting out. Obviously, it's hard to put a price on a partner's sexual fulfillment, but neither of them have actually tried this before, so I'd hate to spend an arm and a leg, only to find out they only like the idea of being caged.
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Re: Device Advice for Unique Situations

Post by Jon Descer »

For sizing the ring, it's easiest to buy some seals at a hardware store or just buy a set of c-rings online and try to see what fits your "pet". Just have him throw it on and wear it for a day and night (not for sex, just wear it around the house). Measuring it by hand doesn't really work, because you can't really tell how tight to make it without him actually wearing something for a while to see if it's bearable. Another thing to note; his size hardly matters, honestly. A soft penis can be squished down tremendously. Not that you want to do that too much, for cleanliness sake, but it's perfectly fine, even preferable, if the cage you get him requires stuffing his equipment into. Just make sure it's WIDE enough that blood flow doesn't get cut off. Something like the bird cage or the curve should fit him more than comfortably, unless he's absolutely enormous. I've seen some very hung dudes in cages. He might even like it; he'll probably have a much larger bulge in his pants this way!

For your husband, I don't think that's as big a problem as you think. I am also exceedingly high and tight, so much so that the boys will sometimes withdraw up into my body, but I can wear a cage. It's easiest to put on when I'm hot, so if it's not hot in your house, have him take a hot shower and put it on in the steamy bathroom as soon as he dries off. If the problem is that the twins are pulling through the gap and then the basering, one or both of those things needs to be shrunk down. Again, I suggest experimenting with some simple rubber rings to get something that's as tight as he can bear without truly HURTING (please note that he may feel fine all the time with a given ring unless he gets erect, where it gets uncomfortable--that's actually the spot you want, because once caged, he won't GET fully erect and it's not a problem).

And while exceptions exist, I will say that, in all likelihood, you will eventually have to upgrade to custom-made cages for long-term wear. So feel free to fool around with some cheap ones to see what's comfortable and what's off, but unless they are really lucky, they will likely run into problems either being able to clean things, or with security, or they will rub a spot raw, or something--take note of every problem and measurement and then use that to order them something good and exact.
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Re: Device Advice for Unique Situations

Post by Whynot »

"High and tight" sounds familiar. One of my balls is also very high (and tight), the other one isn't. I found I can't wear ROUND base rings long term, I always ended up with some pretty severe chaffing on the side where the h"high ball" is, no matter what I did. And I got a couple of custom cages and worked with the maker to try to make them work. In the end I even went back to wearing my old full-size belt, a Goethals, again for some time, but that's not really practical 24/7.

Anyhow, in the end I found anatomically shaped base rings work for me just fine. I'm now in a Holy Trainer, and I can wear that 24/7 for extended periods of time with no problems at all. In fact, at the moment I only get out for cleaning once a week. If you want to try how these work, you might consider getting one of the Chinese knock-offs to start with, that might also help you sort out which size works best as they supply four different base rings: ... y&sr=8-149
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Re: Device Advice for Unique Situations

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Here's a lot better price on the knock off Holy Trainer. I bought both of mine from this vendor. One of them the lock holes didn't line up but it was an easy fix with a file and some sandpaper. ... hash=item0
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