Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

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Caged Lion
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Re: Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

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Long-term wear of a device with a urethral tube carries a strong risk of infection. Even if you sterilize the tube before inserting (something absolutely essential to do), the fact that the tube will be moving in and out as your penis gets longer and shorter based on your body's position, etc., makes infection possible.

There is no real danger of incontinence since the muscles that control urine flow are located at the bladder not in the penis. In addition to the risk of acquiring infections from the tube, it would be essential that the makeup of the tube itself is safe. Not all stainless steel can safely be used inside the body.

I briefly tried a device with a urethral tube. I liked it; particularly how easy it was to urinate. However, the risk of infection kept me away from it. I know that some guys do wear devices with these tubes and have not gotten any UTI's. I guess it's a crap shoot.
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Re: Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

Post by 365Daytona »

Caged Lion makes a cogent argument against the urethral tube. I believe I will err on the side of caution and stay clear of urethral tubes.

Thanks to everyone on the forum for great advice!! I really appreciate the support. Lots to learn!
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Re: Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

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I use cages with a catheter, I love the feeling of the penis stuck in the cage or slipping on the tube. But I have already had several infections, by default precautions probably.
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Re: Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

Post by DanniNeels »

What about short term use with a urethral tube, like one day & take it out before bed... Does it still run the same risk of infection?
I use cages for sessions & usually just for a few hours like teasing while out to dinner or elsewhere, then upon returning home I need to earn my way out by doing what she wants;)
Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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Jon Descer
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Re: Urethral Tube - Will I be incontinent?

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Probably fine for short term use. Urine itself is a decent inhibitor of bacterial growth, so when you take the tube out and hit the head, you should do a good job of flushing out whatever might have started to grow in there. The problem with long term is precisely that the cleaning is prevented when all the urine is funneled into a steel tube, so the space between the tube and the penile walls is an open pasture for bacteria, until it's too much for the urine to wash away and it stars to spread. So I would say, disinfect it like crazy every time you use it, and make sure you get some good, strong streams out of your bladder before you use it again.

Interestingly, slightly more on the original topic, a tube could actually HELP you with regular bathroom issues. Some members of my family have struggled with some skin that has basically grown over the urethra and made it difficult to urinate, and basically what the doctors do is shove a tube in there for a while. I actually did have that problem slightly myself, but playing around with a penis plug (yes, I bled a fair amount, and it is not very big) and then getting a PA piercing took care of that without the miserable experience of the catheter and 2 weeks walking around with a urine bag strapped to me. So kink saved me hundreds in medical bills!
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