Chinese HTC Nub review

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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by NuderThanNude » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:05 pm

I have also found the Nub to be very comfortable. I seem to need the 50mm ring because if I go down to the 45mm my scrotum starts to turn purple within a minute or two despite that it still feels fairly comfortable.

There are two things that impress me about the design. The first is that the underside of the cage is open but because the lower part of the cage is pressed so tightly to the scrotum there is no access to the penis. Since I have a urethral reroute located at the top of my scrotum this helps me with peeing.

The second and most significant is the way that the cage extends back past the rear of the ball ring. For me it seems to follow the penis shaft and embed itself below the surface of my pubic mound. That seems to make it impossible to pull my penis out of the cage regardless of how flaccid it is. Even with an erection if the cage and ball ring are pushed forward it seems to still prevent the penis from coming out of the top of the ball ring.

I am current looking at designing a stainless steel cage with the same features.
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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by Ruined1 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:00 pm

At that price... ordered one as well to try out. The best part is that all 4 rings are included, since I‘m still not sure which size is right.
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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by sirmebane » Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:11 pm

(trying again, my posts are getting blanked every so often)

My nub knock off arrived in the mail today and I'll report my observations when my wife let's me out to try it on.

The quality looks really good for a $20 cage.
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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by Whynot » Fri May 10, 2019 1:06 am

Some background:
I've been in the HT (standard size) for close on 8 months, wearing it basically 24/7. It's the first cage of any type I can wear 24/7, as I see it because of the design of the ring. The round rings of e.g. the Steelheart simply don't work for me. The HT does, even when engaging in some strenuous exercise. Last summer for instance I wore it on some really long hiking trips with no issues at all. With the Steelheart and other cages with round base rings I tend to get bad chafing at the ring after a couple of days.

Security: I might just be able to pull out of the HT (standard), but only just. The security of cage based designs without a piercing depends on your individual anatomy "down there". I've got a pretty tight ball sack, and there's simply no room to withdraw the penis.

Anyhow, I also got one of the Chinese knock offs to try it out. I ordered mine from Amazon. I also got the Swiss Nub a couple of weeks later, and yes, there are a few pretty obvious differences between the two:

1. The ring sizes of the Chinese cage are quite different from the original AND the cage doesn't fit the original rings. The rings on mine were also warped, however, they quickly regain their shape if you put them into reasonably hot water. They seem to lose their shape quite easily though through body heat. In my case the gap between the cage and the ring just got considerably wider after a few days.

2. The chemical smell is quite obnoxious, and it doesn't seem to get better, not even if you leave the cage and the rings in hot water for a while. Not sure I like that. Well, in fact I don't.

3. Now that I have the Swiss cage it's also clear that the angle between the cage and the ring is different - the Swiss cage fits me much better.

I'm in the Swiss Nub right now, have been for four day. It feels very comfortable and secure. Not yet sure about keeping it clean, however, Thumper's method for cleaning his Steelheart seems to work with the Nub as well. I'll know more when my partner comes back from a business trip next Sunday and lets me out for a cleaning. Then I'll also know which cage SHE prefers ... :-) I would really like to use the Nub, at least for a longer trial run. It works a lot better on the bike and allows me to wear tight jeans. But that's something she'll decide.
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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by Naljeans » Sat May 18, 2019 7:39 am

Updated thoughts on the Nub:

I switched to the Nub a few days ago for work, and my owner decided I should stay in it until I see her (tomorrow thankfully.) I’m hoping she puts me back in the Contender, but she seems to enjoy me being in the Nub.

I figured out cleaning a bit better. The handheld shower and bath gel are critical. Still not as hygienic as an open steel cage, but it’s manageable. I suspect at least weekly removal for cleaning is a good idea.

I got out of the habit of frequently moisturizing in the Contender. That is critical with the Nub - both the ring and the underside of the “tube.” It can vary from sensitive to the touch to excruciating ball burn without periodic moisturizer (lotion during the day, baby oil gel at night.)

Speaking of the “tube” I struggle most with reaching down and only feeling the lock and my balls. It really does make the penis a non-factor. Yes I realize that’s the point. Still frustrating to not even be able to adjust.

It’s amazingly comfortable at the gym - cardio and weights. Never snags or gets twisted.

Urinating is a breeze - especially if you’re allowed to stand. Sitting can pose some difficulties as the balls can sometimes get in the way. And adjusting them can throw off the alignment.

I have no interest in pulling out. At least with my anatomy, pulling out of the Nub would be possible but not easy and only if soft and loose.

Overall it’s an incredible value
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