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Post by UltraWhiteStar » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:05 am

gilesenglish wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:46 am
I'm just about to pass the 10 week mark in the Custom Chastity Saint. It's by far the best device I've worn, and I have no expectation of taking it off any time soon. I'm in a customised version, with an extended head section, which seems to eliminate most turtling.
(NSFW Details here)

Regarding communication: CC is a one-woman operation. Response times can vary wildly, which is pretty much what you'd expect for any artisan operation. I think most chastity folk have never ordered anything custom or niche from anybody before.

(I get the devices to review/test but otherwise get treated as any other customer. Lady Fox has an email ticketing system and works through communications as quickly as she can, when she's not actually manufacturing devices. )

Regarding the finish: The devices seem to be getting smoother. One advantage of surgical nylon is that you can tweak it with a craft knife, and freshen up the result using a commercial dye. (Really simple: simmer the device in a pan with the dye for about 20 mins).
I can second all of the above. I am locked in a Saint 24/7 since end of July. We decided for the Saint because I am not circumcised, so comfort and hygiene were top priorities. It delivers in both regards. The small brass lock should not be an issue at airport security. Button and zipper of my pants contain more metal.
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