Uncut Male Requires A budget chastity

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Uncut Male Requires A budget chastity

Post by WeirdoStillNoCreep »

Okay, please hear me out. I, being a broke student is hunting down chastities, for my very uncut dick, small foreskin, which isn't getting removed (no matter how much I want to) anytime soon. I went to the cheapest chiniese store on the internet and have set my budget at around 20$ +- 5. I'm looking forward to wear it for extended periods of time (2 months with one removal). So, I would please require suggestions about the material, size and of course design of the chastity. It's my first time as well and internet has already scared me with the pictures of edema and it looks, nevermind. I'm not looking for comfort much but all I'm asking is that it doesn't pinch my foreskin and requires less maintainence. My measurements flaccid are 75 mm length and 63 mm base diameter. Since, all standard sizes are 40, 45, 50, I'll deal with the discomfort. Please, help me out. Would it also affect my dick size? I'm already small, I hope any is temprorary.
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Re: Uncut Male Requires A budget chastity

Post by Schnoff »

I suggest to try some metal rings first to see what works for you. If you're really 63mm around the base you have an issue. What's your cock circumference / diameter when erect? Usually a comfortable base diameter is that +5mm, at least for a cock ring.

You do not want a base that's way too small. Worst case, it may need a trip to the ER and some metalcutting tools to get it off again.
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Re: Uncut Male Requires A budget chastity

Post by CanuckInNJ »

Wait a few weeks, save a few dollars more, and buy a device that comes with all three standard rings. One of them will fit you.
For what it's worth, I don't want to buy a device with a ring that you slip the balls and penis through. I feel it might be too hard to get the thing off in an emergency, so I've gone with hinged-ring devices. But others here seem to swear by the one-piece rings. And they're right that there's less pinching.
And whatever you do, your first device will always be your practice device. It'll teach you what you like and don't like. You'll then use that knowledge to buy better devices.
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