Mature Metal punishment pins

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Mature Metal punishment pins

Post by braddogg4345 »

I was considering having these pins added to my jailbird and was wondering if anyone has used them? Just curious as to what size and type of pins people use? Are these pins good for long term wear? And whether they are uncomfortable or painful when you are not erect? Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Mature Metal punishment pins

Post by Mutt_VB »

We have the punishment pins for my jailbird. I have the small blunt the medium blunt and the medium crosshatch. Can I wear them long term. As long as there is no teasing or no erections I can wear the medium with out felling them. The small I an even tolerate some teasing and a partial erection. Well that is all that is possible in my jailbird. The longest I have worn the punishment pin was 1 week. When I was let out there was a nice bruise on the top of my shaft were the pin was in contact with the skin. The mediums I have only ever been able to get a day or 2 and the last time we used the medium crosshatch I ended up with some broken skin and a scab where the broken skin was bleeding.

In short I can use the small pin with no real issues and I have a tight fitting cage. For the medium pins they are what they are called punishment pins and we only use them if I am in some kind of trouble.
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Re: Mature Metal punishment pins

Post by CagedKC »

@braddogg4345 did you end up having the pins added? I thinking of do that as well.
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