Is it just me ?

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Is it just me ?

Post by _lj_ » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:02 am

I've posted quite a bit recently, so some of you will know I have a JailBird, and was trying for 24/7 lockup for something approaching 3 months. I won't re-visit the reasons here.

But I find wearing the JailBird all the time well-nigh impossible. The problem is I get discomfort along the lower half of the base ring, relieved only by gently re-arranging the scrotum skin. The skin feels very tight and shiny (shaved), as if it is sticking to the metal.

The puzzle is that I can wear the JailBird all night without the slightest discomfort, and if I wear tracksuit trousers during the evening, again absolutely no problem. It just seems to be during the day, when I am at work (desk/light bench-work). Chastity or not, I have to earn a living and cannot afford (literally) to be so distracted by discomfort that I can't concentrate. So I thought I'd change from briefs to boxers, but that was no improvement, and in fact the lack of any support introduced a feeling of strain from the unsupported weight of the JailBird (why don't I get that with tracksuit bottoms and no underwear? )

The cage is perfect, absolutely no problem. I used the sizing rings to get the base ring size, had similar issues and had a larger ring made which brings us to now. I am awaiting another ring smaller than the first to see if that helps, as if anything, according to the finger insertion test, both the original and second ring are larger rather than smaller than necessary. The gap was established as correct, and the second and third rings are designed to provide exactly the same gap despite the change in base ring diameter (apologies to MM but the cost of shipping and the transit time made finding a local metalworker a better choice)

I get no pain or problems anywhere else, just this one area of skin-metal contact.

I very much want to be able to extend the lockup duration, but I have to bear the practicalities of life in mind, and My Lady doesn't want me suffering - in chastity yes, suffering pain, no. I am currently locked except during my working time, so 16/24/7 hoping for 24/7.

Any thoughts ?
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Re: Is it just me ?

Post by Tom Allen » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:30 am

I have had similar problems with the rings from different devices. In general, while jeans tend to give more support, they are also less forgiving, especially when sitting at a desk in in the car for long periods. Your skin starts expanding a bit, and then will contract and pinch. Sometimes a little lube helps, but that presents other problems if it makes the device slip down a bit.

So far, the most comfortable ring I've worn is this wavy circle design on the A272 device

It's wide, which gives a little more surface area to help against slipping, and the waviness is ergonomic enough to keep things comfortable, while being tighter than a round ring size that I would normally wear.

MM has double ring base rings that might help. Not sure if you could order just a double ring and try wearing it before modifying it to fit your JB.
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Re: Is it just me ?

Post by wishful4 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:03 pm

It does take months to get used to full time wearing. Even with that, I sometimes have to dab a drop or two of Aveeno moisturizing lotion on the lower half of the base ring. I think, on occasion, some skin gets under the ring that has never been there before and is somewhat tender. Sometimes, a pull on the skin will relieve the problem, sometimes not. Trust me, the main thing is not let the discomfort go on to the point of chafing or blistering the skin, no matter how determined you are to stay locked. My skin, like yours, is somewhat shiny and smooth in that area. I also find that shaving in that area also helps, even if you don't shave completely. The skin crawls on the lower scrotum and hair can get trapped under the ring and pulled. This can irritate the skin, as well. Hang in there, be patient, and use common sense. You'll get there.
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Jon Descer
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Re: Is it just me ?

Post by Jon Descer » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:36 am

I would venture to guess that it's what pants you wear and/or your ergonomics during the day. Probably no way to narrow down the problem except by a lot of trial and error. Personally, I found it easier to wear the cage with TIGHTER underwear, bikini-style briefs, holding things in place. On the other hand, you may need to see if you can find looser pants in the crotch area for work. It may also be that your getting hotter and sweatier down there while at work (maybe those pants breathe less or sitting up with your legs closer together than you do at home cuts off airflow), so whatever you're able to do to cool yourself down could help. And keeping it moisturized can't hurt. Then there are the different kinds of base rings; the double-rings, the one Tom linked to, oval rings, etc. I don't have enough experience to help more, just brainstorming some possibilities.
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