Deciding on steelworxx steelheart sizing

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Deciding on steelworxx steelheart sizing

Post by edwoodmx » Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:37 pm

Hi any help or advise will be much appreciated.

My first custom chastity device was the MCN Contender and this forum was very helpful with advice on how to measure all the parts.
The measurements for that device as it was manufactured are as follows:
A-Ring inner diameter 1-3/4'' (44.5 mm)
Tube inner diameter 1-3/8'' (35 mm)
Device Over all length 2-7/8'' (73 mm)

The fit was pretty much spot on. I chose the ergonomical option for the A-ring it fits comfortably snug and with a dab of silicone lube after a shower it will pretty comfortable throughout the day. The tube diameter is also perfect. My only issue is the device length.

For choosing the overall length I took a bunch of measurements to get my average flaccid size and to that i subtracted a 1/4'' some people suggested to subtract 1/2'' and I wish I had listened.

Most of the time my penis fits the contender just right, but sometimes like when sitting down, when in other positions or like when really cold it leaves quite some space free at the top of the device (I am a grower not a shower) so my penis can go through a whole gamut of sizes even really small ones

Ok so now to the issue at hand Mistress wants me to get a Steelheart with all the bells and whistles and wants my to go for a smaller size. I've also seen some extremely small chastity devices or custom ones like the looker which are fitted into average sized penis (5-7''erect) but squished down to almost 2'' nubs. This is definitely a turn on for both Mistress and myself.

My question if you could help me is as follows:
Since most of the pictures with squished penis into chastity are of open design devices like the looker01 and 02 , I've never seen a picture of a really small Steelheart. Perhaps the open design allows for the penis to bulge out through the bars and this permits to have less overall device length.

Given this concerns would it be ok to drop down from 2-7/8'' (73 mm) overall length down to 2.36'' (60 mm) overall length or better to be more conservative due to the closed design of the Steelheart and just drop down to 2.55'' (65 mm).

Also would anyone recommend offsetting the drop in length with an increase in the tube's inner diameter? my normal measurment for the tube is 35 mm would you increase that by 1 or 2 mm to go down even further in overall length size?

In case you are wondering the final device would be ordered as follows:
Overall length : 60 or 65 mm (to be determined)
Tube Inside Diameter : 35 mm (this measurement could increase if you recommend to offset the drop in overall length).
A-Ring Inside Diameter : 42 mm
With the following "bells and whistles":
1) Anatomical A ring
2) Integrated Lock
3) Additional stainless steel ring on the tube
4) Removable penis plug, that extends past the A ring for security purposes (i know its not fullproof but PA is not an option for me and Mistress wants me to try it. Although I've never been sounded and the penis plug diameter seems might be an issue perhaps Dietmar may do a penis plug of smaller diameter
5) Powder coat, Mistress wants to do some type of pink color for me

Thanks for any input It will be sincerely appreciated.
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