Anyone have experience with red hot chili custom cages?

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Anyone have experience with red hot chili custom cages?

Post by HPHDX » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:03 pm

Hello all.

Wondering if anyone has good or bad to add about the red hot chili products.
Looking at a new cage and like the lily cage they make

Even showed a picture to my wife and she seems to like the design very much, but since it is somewhat expensive thought I would hear others opinion before forking out the money.

What do you thik about the security of this belt?
Presently I own a MM queens keep but have found out that I unfortunately have ordered it too large, so I'm able to cheat the QK, which kind of defeat the whole game to me, and also it's rather bulky and gets in the way during extended wear.

Believe I now have better overview of correct measurements and will take 20-25 mm of the length and 5-6 mm of diameter in order to ensure a tight fitting cage that hopefull should be much harder to cheat and much more secure.

What are your opinions on the chain belt that follows?
Does it add more security or just in the way?

Hoping for open debate and good advice :)
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