Rigid Chastity model 01

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Rigid Chastity model 01

Post by Em88 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:26 am

Rigid Chastity is a manufacturer from Poland.
I got my cage from RC two days ago. It's a ball trap type stainless steel cage secured with the hook put in PA hole and locked with an integrated lock. The PA hook has S-shaped end so the foreskin doesn't cover the glans. Escape is impossible. I put it immediately on and I'm enjoying it still. It's rather comfortable comparing to my previous toy, BON4Ms but there's some small problem. My glans is pressed into front cup with pee holes so skin comes out of these and is rubbed/pinched with my briefs. It's painful, especially when I wear a jeans pants. Maybe it's going to be better in a few days when my penis get used to the new home.

Here it is: http://rigidchastity.com/index.php?rout ... duct_id=53
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