KHD X3 Espresso "Impressions"

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KHD X3 Espresso "Impressions"

Post by Lornful »

Hey guys, the reason "Impressions" is in quotes is because I don't think my experiences are enough for a review. I do, however, think that the glaring thing I've learned from purchasing and trying a KHD X3 Espresso is important.

My only statement to help other people who are looking at the KHD X3 Espresso as an option is:

TL;DR: If you have big balls, look elsewhere.

This isn't a matter of ring diameter, shaft length, or buying a different part. This is just how the KHD X3 Espresso is designed. It is designed to force the shaft and head to point nearly directly down. The problem is that unless your package hangs lower than your sack, you will have your package will be pressed firmly between your sack.

Now, this is an interesting device, and I honestly will use it and enjoy the feeling, but this is absolutely unusable in any sense of the term "long-term." Simply cannot be done for a guy built like me, and I'm sure others will find it to be the same. Hygiene is impossible in the device and simple urination is not only made difficult, it is impossible.

This has been a complete and utter letdown for me, but I still find it hard to hate the device.
It is completely unnoticeable when under tight jeans and my 'yoga sweatpants' or whatever.
Other than it being completely impractical for guys with bigger balls, I would really suggest guys who have a smaller sack to fork up the $75 and let themselves be surprised.

That's it for me, not a real review, but I truly am unable to give one.
Hope even if this gets buried that people will necro this thread when applicable to them and find it helpful.
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Status: Received KHD X3 Espresso, will give review after wearing for a week.

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Re: KHD X3 Espresso "Impressions"

Post by Jchn »

Hi Lornful,

have you worn the X3 in the meantime for longer period? I'm wearing an Asian-Replica at this time and see some parallels in our activities and am waiting for the delivery of the original X3.

I'm running in the mornings. Distances are a bit shorter at this time, mostly 6 km. Running wasn't a problem with the device on. Even Yoga is possible without difficulties except for laying on the underside of the body.

Urination is only a problem when it´s a little bit uneven in the tube. During the day, the penis slips perfectly into the tube, so peeing causes only problems, when it happens only a few minutes after being locked.

Would be happy to read, if you were acclimated to the X3 after writing.
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