Looker 1 - steelwerks. Confused by dimensions

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Looker 1 - steelwerks. Confused by dimensions

Post by liev »

i’m confused by the order page on Steelwerks.


I currently have a CB6000s, length 2,75 inches.
I’d like to go a little shorter with a permanent steel cage.
I have been looking at the looker 1 (as it also has a urethral plug).

But I don’t understand how to put in the size on their order page….
Does anyone has experience with them and could help?
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Re: Looker 1 - steelwerks. Confused by dimensions

Post by abhorsen »

I have two chastity tubes from them, Tube-Jackets modified for frenum piercing. They are very good in consulting and agreeing what they actually build, so i recommend that you contact them rather than second guessing an order form. In my case they sent me a simple draft model, and evaluated fit based on fotos.

The company you are talking about by the way is Steelworxx, not Steelwerks. I believe both exists. I am completely satisfied with the work of Steelworxx, and they were reasonably prices (and I dont have a business relationship with them ;-))
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Re: Looker 1 - steelwerks. Confused by dimensions

Post by slave d »

OMG i just put in my dimensions for fun and just about died when i saw the price and the wait time. I’m sure they make lovely gear but that’s WAY too rich for me.

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