Living the real life under lock and key

You are a guy, you like to be locked in a chastity device, and you consider yourself...

Not submissive
Um...something else
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Re: Sub?

Post by thumper » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:02 pm

Atone wrote: To be honest, I don't think I have met a kink I didn't like.
My kinda guy.
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Re: Sub?

Post by mykey » Wed Oct 20, 2010 10:09 pm

mikecb wrote: For me, the definition of "Submissive" would be that I would be willing to do things that I don't really want to do, because my partner wants me to do them. I would take my satisfaction not from doing a thing, but because by my doing it, my partner gets satisfaction.

Yeah exactly. And that's why I am.

But the other side of me is with steve.

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Re: Sub?

Post by likes2blocked » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:18 am

Atone wrote:To be honest, I don't think I have met a kink I didn't like.
Anything involving blood, piss or scat is right out. Other than that, I'm OK with a lot of stuff.

I'm not much into being dressed up in women's stuff, though my ex used to like hose and garter belt from time to time. Didn't do much for me directly, but she got off on it, and I got off on that. Not keyhldr's kink, which is fine with me.
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Re: Sub?

Post by Jimi123 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:51 am

Sub? I don't fully understand the term because it seems like its defined so different by different people. Would I like to change the dynamics of my relationship with my wife to give her more power? Yeah. I really would like to have a clue what she wants and this seems like a good way to make that happen. Does that mean I want to be in a femdom relationship? Ahh.... I think its not the same. "could" it end up being that way? Or does it? Very good questions which I admit I have no answers for. When you turn over control (Like in a Jet Airplane ride) you probably end up where you think you want to go or the plane might be hijacked to Cuba or crash. On the same topic does opting in to this and taking on the tasks that so many men seem to (Being more handy around the house, keep themselves in shape, clean, offering more then taking sexually) is that being "submissive" so much as its being "better"? I might be deluding myself totally because I will jump through the hoops (Or let them be attached to me) to change my relationship for (I hope) the better.

Re: the things I don't do. Add me to the not into scat, piss, pain, whips and chains and etc. I also have a hard line on fantasy versus reality when it comes to other people in the bedroom.

I was looking for a FAQ on wearing one without excessive wear and tear and found (instead) this why FAQ

* Needed to help restore trust in a relationship with your wife or life partner after a loss of self-control. Nope...

* Self-protection to resist undesired impulses for sexual encounters. Nope...

* Control of compulsive masturbation problems. No one will believe it (all men are masturbation fiends!) but Nope!

* To spice up your marriage by surrendering control of your orgasms to your partner. Yes.

The feelings and sensations that a man may derive from wearing such a device include:

* Maintained focus (fewer sexual distractions) Focus on her - I like that!

* Self-confidence (no need to be concerned about resisting temptation) NA

* A sense of constant, low-level arousal when you think about your wife or partner holding the key I do sort of get this even from just doing my test "fittings"

* Fewer arousing dreams during sleep (once you get used to it) Huh? Is that a fact? I kind of doubt this one.

* Loss or reduction of arrogance when you've given the key to someone you love For sure and I would actually appreciate this as a plus!

* Greater self-discipline and temperament - Yes!

* Greater ability to trust yourself and others - Uh? Not sure I get that this happens. Trust yourself? Others?

Why would a woman want her man to wear a chastity device?

Not all women take to the idea of having her man locked up in a chastity device, at least not initially. But based on feedback from our customers, the reasons include:

* To help restore trust in a relationship when there is suspicion or evidence of extra-marital affairs. NA

* Similarly, women who have been hurt by a former partner's infidelity may want her man to wear one for her own sense of security. NA

* Some women find it very erotic to be able to control their man's orgasm. Yes, this seems to be true. Cool!

* A man will try harder to please his woman if there is a chance she will deny him access to the key; consequently he's more attentive and helpful around the home. No doubt!

* As long as he is wearing it, you will never again have to worry about him leaving the toilet seat up. She wouldn't have that any other way!

Generally, when the wife is holding the key and knows that he is locked, she will experience:

* a greater sense of security and trust with your man Secure knowing he is going to?

* a sense of control that some women find very erotic This appears so!

* more attention and affection, and fore-play during sex The man? Yes, I think so.

* some women find that they want to dress and behave more sexily to further stimulate their man (teasing and denial), which in-turn stimulates her own sex drive. I really like that! Uhh I think?

BTW the Submit button is broken on my machine is still says "Submit" not Submit to Dev....
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