How long until to start leaking?

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How long until to start leaking?

Post by ChastizedRob »

Hi Forum,

My wife has me at day 9 of a 30 day lockup and keeps asking me when will I start leaking cum from being so full and/or frustrated? She really seems to want to know I have had this happen to me.

Anyone have any experience on about how long this takes? I'm also guessing it may not happen to every man.

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Re: How long until to start leaking?

Post by jnuts »

Only when I'm turned on.
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Re: How long until to start leaking?

Post by danj »

I think you'll find this varies alot from person to person. We've only done shorter term denial, and I've dripped a bit as soon as 5 days (locked). Of course, if I'm being teased, that can happen alot sooner :)
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Re: How long until to start leaking?

Post by Atone »

I don't usually leak too often. I did notice this morning when I got undressed to get in the shower I was leaking a bit. This was right after I wrote my post about my activities this weekend. Just re-living it got me going again.

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Re: How long until to start leaking?

Post by kpb57 »

I've been leaking some three hours after having an orgasm and being locked up. The reason: right after clicking the lock shut, she snuggled up to me, and after some cuddling and rubbing against my thigh, she asked if I would be upset if she brought herself to an orgasm without unlocking me.
(we are doing chastity on a more or less "cooperative" footing - on my wife's insistence, where digressions from the rules/procedures in place are agreed upon)
I told her to go on, and she did. After that, I had to put a tissue in my pants to deal with the drops :)
Got my additional reward that same evening, though.

So I guess it depends mostly on the stimulation.
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