PIV followup

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PIV followup

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Here are some points I took away from my recent question about the importance of PIV sex. A lot of this is probably not a big surprise, but I found it interesting anyway. I appreciated all of the responses, and it showed that even in a niche like MC, there is a wide variety of practices.

1. A better question might have been what "role" it plays rather than "importance" but those who responded seemed to get the point.

2. I used the acronym "PIV" because it was short and very specific.

3. It seems to be "important" to most, but it plays more or less of a role in different relationships.

4. Some have intercourse often. I guess I sometimes forget that chastity can mean "orgasm control" for some and "orgasm denial" to others. Denial has always been pretty sexy to me, but MC does not always mean going long periods of time without an orgasm.

5. Some have intercourse infrequently, but it is more "special" with MC.

6. Still some, could take or leave intercourse.

7. I am going to guess that PIV sex tends to be less frequent for those who are bit older and practicing MC. When I was younger, I viewed a higher frequency of intercourse as validating our relationship. Now, sex can be more of a challenge with a lot of kids, jobs, etc. I think my wife appreciates not feeling pressured.

8. I don't think my wife finds MC quite as intense and erotic as I do, but she seems to like the benefits, and she seems to like that I don't orgasm away from her, and that I am not pressuring her for orgasms. This seemed to be a common theme.
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