Weight loss side effect?

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Weight loss side effect?

Post by GracesWickedHubby »

I am not complaining, but in my first 20 days, I have lost 8 pounds (from 257 to 249, so I need it). I deeply suspect its from severly increased activity levels. But I have also noticed a decrease in appetite. Coupled with the fact that I'm making more meals.

I realize its not rocket science, but did anyone else notice this when entering into MC?

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Re: Weight loss side effect?

Post by michaelnmelissa »

Well, once MC led to more sex, Melissa and I both wanted to look better for one another so we hit the gym again, which has led to us being hornier for each other.
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Re: Weight loss side effect?

Post by kpb57 »

I also lost weight when we started to play with MC. So much that my wife actually demanded that I get back some of those kilos, because she started to hurt herself on my pelvic bones.
Hint: Chocolate has calories, and it is stuff that helps you keep your drive going.

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