Tell me about piercing

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Tell me about piercing

Post by Nikki6 »

Long story short, when we started J was into being locked and I was more ambivalent about it. At this point he’s mostly on the honor system, I only lock him up when I’m out and he’s home. One main challenge: he has one testicle that’s much smaller than the other. It’s manageable now in summer, but one bit of cold and it gets (painfully, I’m told) pulled through the gap.

I’ve been getting more into the idea of really locking him up, and so I’m intrigued by the idea of a glans cap attached by a piercing (this is what happens to you men when you show me your kinky websites, I learn things).

My questions for any of you that are pierced:
1. What piercing and what device do you have?
2. How was the procedure?
3. What was the healing process like? How long before you could wear a device (instead of a barbell) and how long before you could have sex?
4. How did you find a quality piercer?
5. Anything else I should know? Would you do it again, if you had to make the choice?
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Re: Tell me about piercing

Post by gungadn »

1. PA piercing. Currently 4ga solid titanium ring. - Either Steelheart solid tube with PA fixing. Or, Or, Chinese import similar to the A272 with the ring installed capturing the bars.
2. The worst part of the procedure is the anticipation. Everyone is different. But, my experience was extremely painful for about 1/2 a second (worst pinch ive ever felt). But then, no problem after. No bleeding, no issues, no pain after the initial pinch.
3. did the rinse they recommended (salt water) and was careful with it for 3-4 days. But, that was about it. Was able to wear the device without being attached to the PA, and have sex (carefully) within a week.
3A. I went a couple of months to size up (original piercing was an 8ga) and let everything heal fully before attaching a device to the PA.
4. Internet. Googled it and read reviews. Not a lot that due intimate piercings in my area to start with. Had to drive 2 hours. Then, just went off of the reviews... and, impression of sterile procedures once I arrived.
5. I feel nekkid without mine. Its part of me and im glad I have it. Wish I had done it sooner. However, there is an issue with having an extra hole in the end of your penis. you will forever have a split stream. Using Urinals is difficult. But, wearing a chastity device makes sitting to pee a requirement anyway. so, not really a major issue.
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This is just my experience, yours can.... and probably will.... vary!

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Re: Tell me about piercing

Post by Jon Descer »

1. Also a PA. 6 gauge. I've had 2 from MCN and the halfshell from Rigid Chastity. I don't wear any lately for various reasons.
2. Strangely, the piercing didn't hurt much; the prep did. They have to shove something inside the urethra to catch the needle, and THAT hurt. I feel like someone who practices with some plugs/sounds might hardly feel it. The actual piercing was like getting blood drawn. Ditto for when I expanded the size of the hole.
3. I bled and bled and bled. Not alot, just continuously. After like 36 hours of slow bleeding, it finally stopped. After that, it was too tender to mess with for about 3 weeks, but it didn't really bother me doing anything else.
4. Honestly, I found the closest place that did them and seemed legit. I didn't worry too terribly much about it.
5. Like the other guy, it's messy. I seem to have it worse than most people though; I CANNOT urinate standing without it getting everywhere. Also, I sometimes forget to remove the barbell and clean it for too long, and then it gets uncomfortable (never infected though, hard to do with sterile acid pouring over it alot). I started off with a ring that has an gap; bad idea, the gap catches on everything. Barbell is great. I like having it because, I dunno, I'm pretty plain, so it's my surprise secret. I keep wanting to buy a new cage to take advantage of it but bills and things keep getting in the way. I definitely love it for caging though; I have a really easy time pulling out otherwise, unless I clamp down on my tool like a vice, and that's not comfy.
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Re: Tell me about piercing

Post by Tom Allen »

Back in the early years I tried a frenum piercing. It pinched for like half a second, and I waited six to eight weeks before trying it out as an anchor for my cage. Unfortunately, it never worked out well for me, but that's partly because of how it was situated in the cage. I think that it didn't get stay as clean, and was more prone to infection. I eventually removed it.

I've never tried a PA, but mainly because in my job I never wanted the potential of spraying or dripping on myself at a urinal.
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