A question, long term denial then cumming

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A question, long term denial then cumming

Post by jeanswatcher »

A question if i may,

I am a semi feminised cuck husband in my late 50s and have been locked in a CB for many years allowed out to sleep occasionally and shower.

I do play with myself occasionally but never cum, i prefer the arosed state of mind it gives me permanently being locked so am happy not to cum.

I have however found that if i or she decides i need to cum fully, maybe once or twice a year there is little juice which i understand however it makes me so tired, not for a day but several day afterwards, is this common?
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Re: A question, long term denial then cumming

Post by Michele »

In my experience (with my hubby and others) the amount of "juice" can be pretty low the first orgasm after a longer denial. Usually, if there is a second or third the amount is back to normal.

As far as tired, I'll leave that to the guys to answer because I don't have experience with any one getting "tired for days" but I do know that some guys can get some let down.

Hope that helps!
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Re: A question, long term denial then cumming

Post by whoami »

I can’t speak to your “juice” question as I haven’t gone that long. I assume you’re talking about volume and not your energy level.

As for being “tired”, I haven’t experienced that, but definitely get the let down mentioned by @Michele.
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Re: A question, long term denial then cumming

Post by Luv2belocked »

After going a long time locked and denied … I definitely go through a low after my first orgasm…. It usually only lasts a day or two.
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