After you are allowed to ejaculate?

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Re: After you are allowed to ejaculate?

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I have to admit that, this is where our chastity lifestyle would "go off the rails" most every time. My spouse knew she wanted me locked, liked the locked up me better, and she had an idea when she was going to give me my next release (at least she said she did). However, I don't think she ever planned beyond that and often, the device would go in the drawer and nothing was said for a period of days. After the release, my feelings and emotions would be all jumbled up as about half my brain had ejaculated out with such an intense orgasm. I tended to smother her with affection, I think, until she relented to more lovemaking. It made her feel not in control. In retrospect, it would probably have been better for both of us if she had immediately locked me back up after allowing a release. Finally, she would tell me to lock back up after a few days if I didn't do it on my own. She finally found her stride with longer and longer terms in chastity because it made her feel more in control. She got much more comfortable with receiving pleasure without reciprocating.
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Re: After you are allowed to ejaculate?

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For us, chastity is no ejaculation at all. My penis does not exist in our marriage. I am forbidden to refer to it or get caned. Canning hurts and leaves welts so I have no penis. :)

In the past I was given ruined and real orgasms. I always felt let down. I worked hard to go months without ejaculating and now I have to start all over again. The worse are ejaculations that are painful after a few months so not that enjoyable.

After 11 years of trying this and that, for us it is just no more penis. So much easier for both of us. My wife and I both hated how I was after I ejaculated so this way is simpler and at my age I am still very horny and enjoy feeling horny so no orgasms for me.
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Re: After you are allowed to ejaculate?

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We are relatively new to this, three years now. C doesn't like the way I behave after a "full one" so they are becoming less. But she also likes to make me cum.
Her solution is to edge milk me, and she has become very skilled at this now, so can make me cum five or six times if she wishes and I still stay hard.
For me it is deliriously good, the high experienced while being kept so close is like being on ecstasy.
C entertains herself by making me clean it up each time, either from her nipples or her pussy lips, sometimes her butt.
She enjoys this much more than letting me blow my load with a real orgasm and it has no behaviour side effects.
This change in orgasm management happened only recently. C just decided it wasn't worth the attitude after one and told me I'd be having less orgasms.
I did come properly for my birthday, and I came without permision a few weeks ago so was made to suck it out, which I should add, I don't enjoy.
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Re: After you are allowed to ejaculate?

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Nikki6 wrote: Sun Jul 03, 2022 12:50 pm
I’ve never let him reach bottom in the five months of this.

So J actually finds the days right after he cums to be the hardest. He really, really wants another orgasm and he struggles the most.
Just keep on keeping on. Never feeling fully satisfied, or bottomed out as you call it, is to my wife and I the objective of male chastity. I get grumpy when I lose that feeling. My wife likes two weeks between my orgasms, but am currently in a 60 day recharge period as she said I was getting a bit moody again. Desire is the driver. Never kill the driver or you will have a wreck on your hands. 🙂
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Re: After you are allowed to ejaculate?

Post by trijack3 »

I didn't bottom out after a 4 week period of denial. But the next roll of the dice was a one week denial which D stretched out to 9 days. That definitely had an affect. I'm 10 days into a 5 week stint now and am still climbing back out of the rut.

I was exceptionally horny in the first 24 hours after orgasm after the 4 week stint and needed my cage back on. The urge for another orgasm while swinging free was excruciating. I caged back up sooner the next time and the post orgasm horniness was much more manageable!
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