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Re: Nervous,

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sirmebane wrote: Fri Jun 17, 2022 2:44 pm I'm okay with taking off the cage to see the doctor since it breaks the "I'm not going to expose other people to my kinks" rule that I want to live by.

Having said all that, I have worn my cage to numerous doctor's visits knowing that I wasn't going to be examined down there and there would be no cause to disrobe. I only screwed up on one visit to the dermatologist which has made me much more cautious about what I'm willing to risk.
I slightly disagree with this sentiment, especially for a lot of the people here.

For most people here, chastity is beyond just being a kink and is a lifestyle choice that could potentially have other health effects.
If you are caged 24/7, that cage is a part of your 24/7 health and I think you should be examined as such or at least have the doctor aware and have the option for them to examine you in both states.

The only really good counter argument (other than exposing kinks) I can think of is that the doctor won't really have any idea what to do with the information as I doubt there is anything remotely close in their education (aside from the odd human sex course). But, if the doctor is worth their salt, they will just use the information as another thing to potentially monitor for any effects and at least have the information anything that might be tangentially related.

It is good though to echo that saying for those individuals that would be getting off on exposing it to their doctors and don't normally wear a cage in their daily lives.

Edit) just had a thought... I think the biggest thing is it comes down to respect. Are you, presenting it respectfully, respecting the other person's autonomy? Or are you treating that individual as a sex object in forcing your kink upon them? Which applies to all situations and where the saying comes from.
I think doctor's have a certain consensual implication in being involved in some of the workings of your sex life as it is a non-negligible part of an individual's health which "should" "allow" you to present your chastity lifestyle to them in confidentiality.
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Re: Nervous,

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I have been outed for some time now, but only to our sex therapist. She and the wife openly discuss this during our sessions, the therapist is both a female and a sex therapist, I asked her last week if she has ever had a client with this particular "kink", and of course the answer was "No". But she did say that she is learning, both from us and from other sources. We have offered to loan her our copy of the Keyholders handbook, when we finish reading it of course. Having my wife discuss this in a forum like this is humbling, but not at all erotic. The discussions afterwards on the other hand are off the chart erotic, that and knowing that there is absolutely no possibility of a change to my caged status for at least 24 hours afterwards, and yet we discuss it between the two of us for about 30 minutes. rough time for me, but totally what this whole experiment is all about.

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