Shingles (WARNING - Graphic pictures)

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Shingles (WARNING - Graphic pictures)

Post by KittensBoyToy »

I posted, and there was a little discussion, on this subject in my Journal but I wanted to start a thread on it here. Shingles is a painful rash accompanied by blisters. It is caused by a virus that is already in your body if you have ever had Chicken Pox. It can occur anywhere on the body but is generally only on one side. The most dangerous is if it appears around the eyes. If not treated in time it can cause blindness in the affected eye. Shingles is NOT contagious except in the case of someone coming in contact with the fluid from the blisters if they have never had Chicken Pox.

I am in the healing/recovery process from Shingles. Trust me when I say this is something you don't want to have. Most of the rash is gone, leaving just the blisters to finish healing. In my case it started on my left buttock about waistband level as 3 red spots. The wife thought it was spider bites at first. That was on Monday, November 1st, as we were unhooking to come home from a weekend RV outing. We threw the alternator belt on the way home and had to park overnight in a strip mall parking lot until we could get repairs done on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday morning the rash had spread down my butt, around the outside of my leg, and was starting down the front of my thigh. After we got home and the RV parked I took off my jeans to find the rash was now almost to my knee. It had had spread into my crotch and a little up toward my waist. The blisters were now developing, including a couple on my scrotum. The cage came of immediately. Since my doctor's office is closed on Wednesday I called first thing Thursday and got in on Friday. He started me on an antiviral medication and Tylenol 3 with 5 mg of Codeine. I have always had a high tolerance to drugs and the codeine isn't strong enough to even touch the pain.

The Mayo Clinic recommends vaccination for anyone over 50. They further recommend getting the new Shingrix vaccine even if you had the earlier vaccine, have already had Shingles, or if you are not sure if you had Chicken Pox. The Shingrix vaccine was approved and has been in use in the USA since 2017. Like all vaccines, it is not 100% effective but the Mayo Clinic says if you do get the Shingles after being vaccinated it will help to reduce the severity. One more note form personal experience. The recommendation is for anyone over 50 to get the vaccine but my youngest son developed Shingles in his early 30's. Talk to your health care provider to decide what is best for you. ... c-20353054 ... q-20057859
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Re: Shingles (WARNING - Graphic pictures)

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OMG that truly is nasty !! In NZ we get fee shingles jabs after age 65 and MsM and I have both had them. This only came in with the new vaccine so hopefully we’ll be somewhat safe. Hope your recovery is fast and complete !!

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Re: Shingles (WARNING - Graphic pictures)

Post by JimR »

I am so sorry for your shingles episode, and hope you are well on the mend. Thank you very much for your excellent post, about a severe health threat that needs much more publicity and public awareness. Being 75, I have had the original singles shot, as well as the 2 additional shots. Still, I had what I believe to be a very mild case a few years ago, which readily responded to anti-viral meds. For many, I believe it starts as a few small eruptions about waist level, and that certainly IMHO should be a warning to see your doc ASAP. While my insurance covered the cost of the shots, my understanding is, without insurance, it may be $300, or so. While expensive, I consider it to be a very wise "investment". This is certainly not a post I would have expected on this Forum, but one of possible considerable value to many readers. Thank you again for your concern for everyone.
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