What are your favorite cages?

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What are your favorite cages?

Post by Katesboytoy »

Hi all. I've experienced with cheap ebay cages in the past, but it was only for a day or 2. This is also when I was single. Now that I'm in a multi-year relationship and things are getting serious, I decided to go big and bought a MM JB. I've already had it adjusted 3 times, but still can't last more than 2 weeks in it. I LOVE the feeling of my penis being owned and not being able to play with myself. I want so bad to be able to be kept locked, but my KH and I always have to stop after a couple weeks because I get ball burn, sores, etc, to the point we need to give myself a couple weeks off so I can heal before I'm locked up again. This also includes getting unlocked every 1-3 days for a thorough cleaning.

I just can't find the right cage. At one point with my JB, I was away from my KH for a couple days and had no access to a key. The pain got so bad at work I literally couldn't even walk without looking weird. Being as secured as they're designed, I didn't know how to escape from it. Later that day she unlocked me and I had sores to the point of blood. She felt awful, as well as I did because I want to be "kept" for only her pleasure.

I just want to find a way to be locked up, and stay locked up. I want to do this for her, but I'm getting so frustrated that I can't find a solution or proper fit with anything. I need advice on what to do and how I can stay locked for her. MM JB is good for me for a few days, but even after 3 adjustments on it, I still can't last it.

Please if anyone has advice on other brands or techniques, or anything to share to help us out, please help us. I love her and I love chastity, and I just want to be able to stay locked and I'm loosing hope with my JB and adjustments. Thanks in advance for anyone that shares knowledge with me
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by slave d »

Not sure what you’ve experimented when th but it sounds as if you’ve tried to start where most people end after experimenting with cheap units until you get much better understanding of the sizing that suits you. my personal suggestion (i’ve been locked for 7 years and have probably been through close to 10 different ones) would be to start with a CB6000 or 6000S cheap knock off. Gives you lots of sizes and spacing to play with. Experiment with that an hour at a time then two hours then overnight etc etc until you find your particular sweet spot. If you have issues ask in here there’s lots that have tried and have good ideas. Then look to try a S/S cheap cage off DHGate or similar and see how you go. i know it sounds like it will take ages but you might be surprised. i’ve ended up in quite a cheap DHGate unit with a hinged ring i never would have expected to fit but it’s great !! It’s unfortunately not really asking people how to fix what you have because we’re all different. That’s the best advice i can suggest. Good luck and remember this is a journey not a destination !!

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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by nosaint »

I agree with @slave d , but I like the Cherry Keeper. Lots of interchangeable rings and cage sizes and relatively cheap. I still spent over $600 before I got the one I'm wearing now, which I've worn for up to 18 days continuous with no issues. If I go to a stainless steel model, it will serve as a template. Had I not been intent on going super small, it would have been less expensive. For long term wear, I found that for me, a length about the same size as my normal flaccid length worked best.
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by TwistedMister »

Generally speaking, I've found that if I can go a week then I can go forever. I've gone more than 9 months without getting out at all. I would second the idea of getting a CB-X cage for the variations in adjustability. I have an original type CB-3000, somewhere close to 20 years old now. It's been repaired/modified a few times but it's still going.

I think what you need to do, is to determine whether it is a sizing issue, or something about your activities, or both that is causing the problem. Once I got the sizing right, even having very active jobs was no problem...except when plastic wasn't strong enough to keep up with me and the hinged rings broke (twice), but once I solved that (JB Weld) long-term was not an issue.
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by inchastityat127 »

I wear a MM JB and if it fits properly, there are three things that eliminate the ball burn for me.

1. Make sure your skin isn’t “bunched up” in the ring. There should be plenty of room to spread things out.

2. Keep your “taint” shaved or very closely trimmed. It prevents the ring from grabbing hair.

3. Apply a SMALL bit of lotion to the same area morning and night. That keeps things sliding and not grabbing. Be sure to wash well with soap to prevent buildup on the ring and keep things clean.

When I don’t do those three things, it’s miserable. When I do them, I really don’t even notice it’s there most of the time.
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by Lockedchef »

Maybe you just have very sensitive skin that doesn't take well to wreathing a device. I really can't wear a watch at all wrist breaks out from irritation after a few days. Oddly enough MM jailbird can now start in for a few weeks at a time under the correct conditions. Clean dry skin and not being sweaty helps. Plus making sure the time isn't too tight is always key for me.
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I agree with all that has been said here, although I use baby oil, no lotion, at the back end of the cage and around the ring 2 or 3 times a day, but I had "ball burn" with my JB way back in the beginning, 9 years ago. It was dreadful. MM increased the gap between the cage and the base ring a mere 1/16 of an inch, and it totally eliminated the ball burn.
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by wishful4 »

I went thru a couple of plastic CB series cages, then over $1K worth of Mature Metal cages, only to end up in a $20 stainless cage from DH Gate that fits and wears perfectly. Who would have thunk?
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by Spaceman »

After experimentation I ended up with a cheap one 2 inches shorter than flaccid which works perfectly for me. however after experimenting with a few creams I use a handcream morning and night to avoid chafe, wash every evening and have gone for 3+ weeks without release with no problem..
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Re: What are your favorite cages?

Post by Luv2belocked »

The Vice has worked amazing for us. I don’t even notice it’s on except in the morning. It’s very comfortable. I also have a CB-3000 and it works well also.
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