Nipples— WTH?

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Re: Nipples— WTH?

Post by Cruisingnude »

My wife regularly rubs and sucks on my nipples. She loves to watch where it takes me. Especially when I been in chasity for quite a while. She has made me orgasm just using my nipples a few times. It seems our body transfers the sensitivity to other parts of our body to compensate. Even my ears are subject to her mouth. The other night she crawled in bed and started rubbing and sucking my toes were curling!!! She brought me almost to that point and stopped. She then rolled over and said "Good night....time to sleep." Frustrating!! But the fact is one dictionary states that there are more than 90,000 miles of sensation in our nervous system! Imagine the possibilities. So we stumbled on this erogenous zone as a couple somewhat recently. The only drawback is I hate cumming in my cage. I always beg her to stop but she keeps going....
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Re: Nipples— WTH?

Post by midlifelovelife »

That’s amazing, Cruisingnude. It makes me think I was probably pretty close to climaxing. I think I will introduce my wife to this for sure.
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Re: Nipples— WTH?

Post by sherulestherooster »

I enjoy having my nipples pinched hard especially if it triggers my climax. Very under rated erogenous zone IMO
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Re: Nipples— WTH?

Post by KittensBoyToy »

My nipples have always been sensitive but became exponentially more so shortly after she started to deny my orgasms. I've never climaxed from nipple play but I don't think it would surprise me, especially if she used her nails over other parts of my body.
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