Ring Sizing---Again

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Ring Sizing---Again

Post by JimR »

Lots of information from forums and vendors regarding the proper ring sizing method. Insertion of the index finger up to the first joint, i.e about the diameter of a Sharpie permanent marker, seems to be a frequent recommendation for ring gap when flaccid. Have also heard about using shaft diameter at very erect state as a basis for ring selection, but need additional info. regarding that method. Appreciate your thoughts.
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Re: Ring Sizing---Again

Post by LockedGreg »

I go with the ability to insert a finger, any finger, comfortably. Any tighter and I've had issues with circulation during nocturnal erections. Any looser and it'll fall right off.

I imagine it's unique to each wearer. I think my testicles are on the smaller side, but that still works for me.
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