Where to hide the backup keys to my chastity cage?

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Re: Where to hide the backup keys to my chastity cage?

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We lock the key in a small lockable container we got from an art store. It looks like a treasure chest and the key is inside, but it's locked with a padlock that I don't keep keys for. So, in an emergency, I could just smash it against the floor and get the key, but it would be obvious. You could also do the same thing with a numbered plastic lock.
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Re: Where to hide the backup keys to my chastity cage?

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Get a small mason jar, drop the key inside, then cover the inside of the lid with copious amounts of super glue or epoxy.
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Re: Where to hide the backup keys to my chastity cage?

Post by SteveOD »

Actually you do not need to hide the emergency key. My wife either puts it into a small postage stamp envelope and signs and marks it so the she will know it is open. The other method is to buy serial numbered plastic locks and hook it up to something, record the serial number and she will know if you have used it. Obviously you need to hang it high so that a you cannot unlock unless your cut the plastic lock.

I caution you about her hiding a key in your home and then having to call her to find out where it is. That is too dangerous. Twice I had EMS come for a medial emergency and they were at my door in two minutes. In fact, they were pissed because I told them to wait while I was unlocking my cage. The first time it was midnight and EMS arrived to take me to the emergency room where there was only one doctor on duty. I had two shot of morphine, then a CAT scan which indicated that I had a kidney stone lodged in my Urethra that caused a massive infection in my chest and collapsed one lung and half of another. I had to have immediate surgery but had to wait for the proper surgeons to be called into the hospital. They had to go through my Urethra to get at it and then inserts a Catheter in me. If I was still wearing my chastity cage, I do not know what would have happened. At best a small delay. At worse a major delay because they had to find someone who knew how to cut it off and I could have died. I am talking serious stuff. So serious that I was in the hospital for 8 days in isolation receiving massive doses of antibiotics.

I have been locked in chastity for 12 years and have experienced most of what I read here. I know a lot of things about it and worry about the posts that are pure fantasy from men living their sex lives online. So be careful of the advice you received and always err on the side of caution. Your key holder should always have your best interests in mind. You cannot count on reaching them in an emergency. You need to have a system where you must first ask for permission to use the emergency key, but also can have ready access to it and get the permission retroactively. It is your health and well being at stake, not hers. I had a mistress, my wife's steady girlfriend for 30 years and she protected me from myself when I wanted her to do dangerous things to me. She found ways to get around that like telling me I do not deserve that or punishing my in a safe way for even asking her to do something. Prior to her I had a Mistress for a year and ended up getting surgery on Xmas eve. Live and learn.

Most of all have fun. I only get ruined orgasms these days and enjoy feeling horny all the time.
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Re: Where to hide the backup keys to my chastity cage?

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For those prone to cheating, the 6-digit serialized plastic tags, widely available separately on the internet or supplied with many off the shelf inexpensive cages, do NOT necessarily contain unique serial #. I have accumulated perhaps 20 tags from a variety of sources, and have 2 or 3 "duplicates". Those interested in true security by use of tags, might consider tags used to seal shipping containers, etc.
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