It took 3 days for me to break the rules

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It took 3 days for me to break the rules

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I/we started wearing my cage on and off while we discussed the rules. One of the rules is: whenever in the bedroom for an extended period, i must be naked.
We wrote all of the rules and conditions of the agreement into a notebook over Friday night and Saturday morning. We both signed it, and i am to type it up for final signature...that is not done yet.
Last night, we went into the bedroom to binge 1 episode of something on Prime. I helped her into pajamas, but did not get naked and sat on the bed next to her, and watched. Then we went about the rest of the night, she went to work this morning. Now, at 11:15 am, i got out of the shower, and realized my error. I texted her.
Her reply...thank you for your honesty, and it is an error, but still, i must be punished.
I'm on pins and needles. She isn't telling me the punishment. I think she's planning to tell me tonight.
It's not that the ink is not dry, the agreement hasn't even been printed. Am i in hour water?
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Re: It took 3 days for me to break the rules

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Good luck with that..keep us posted. !!
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