Chastity Hygiene

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Chastity Hygiene

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I like to give others the benefit of my 50 years of fetish sex. The last 11, soon to be 12 have been chastity with long periods of orgasm denial. No cuckolding, no Dom or sub, nothing but 24/7 lockup with sex when my wife wants and it how she wants it.

One subject that I would like to provide info on is hygiene when locked for long periods of time.

1. The cage is not the focus of chastity. Your promise not to orgasm without permission is the focus so do not think you are breaking any rules for chastity boy taking your cage off to shower. If you do not have the self control to not jerk off in the shower, chastity is not for you. Sometimes we get more into the fetish toys than the fetish itself. I have done that too which is why I have 8 chastity cages, assorted impact toys, nipple clips, hoods, vampire gloves and more. Now we just focus on the fetish and not the toys that online rule makers say you need. There are no official rules to any sexual fetish despite what some may say. Most of the time we had no idea of what the formal name of our fetish was called. So take it off once in a while for a good cleaning. I have never had an infection in 11 years.

2. Use silicon lube. More expensive but a little goes a long way and only needed to be applied twice a day. Line the inside of of your cage with it as well as your ring. Put it on your cock too. What it does is make things waterproof as water just beads up and drips off.

3, Two essential cleaning tools are a squirt bottle and sponge swabs readily available on Amazon and inexpensive too. 250ML squees bottle is good. Add about 10-20% of mouth wash to the water in the bottle. You will use this to squirt on and in your penis after peeing and leave it minty fresh. gets rid of the smell. When you are not home and locked, simply cut the handle on the sponge swab so it fits in your pocket. You can also carry a small bottle of the water/mouth wash liquid or just try yourself with the swab. When you use it dry it on toilet paper and then use it again until dry.

4. Not absolutely necessary but a hand held shower head is a great tool to have for cleaning yourself while locked. I have one that has a regular shower head on top and then a handheld on the bottom. Easy to install by simply unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new one.

5. An open cage design like the Jailbird is much easier to keep clean than a closed plastic one. I used the Jailbird for many years until my penis got too small for it so now I use the Holy trainer V4 Nub and even though still too big, its design keeps my little guy secure. Plus when I pee it is easily directed through the opening so no mess.

6. At home you can also use a hair dryer to dry your penis and cage. I shower daily and take off my cage about once a week to squirt the key with WD40 because I had one of those cabinet locks break on me. Buy the ones made in Germany for $28 because you do not want to feel the pain when you must crush your balls to get them out of a cage that will not unlock.

Hope this helps. As I said, 11 years and no problems with any of my cages. There is also a company called Manscape that sells a small bottle that you spray on your balls and cock which makes them smell good without any burning sensation.
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