Big decision..

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Re: Big decision..

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Now is early Sept,, I’ve grown more accustomed to the device..I have found that the spiked anti off ring offers noticeable and not completely unwanted “ pointed “ pressure along the bottom side.. ok ..yes a bit painful but that plays into the whole idea of “ erections are off limits.. As a grower,,Brain takes a few minutes to register that as swelling within the cage continues.. at a certain threshold things will settle out.. all I can say, is I’m very glad the spikes are not any sharper.. I considered sharpening them with a Dremmel tool,, again very glad I held off..
. I’m not sure why the brain doesn’t get the ouch ouch ..message to stop erection NOW.. like ...right away, but penis seems to have a mind of it’s own..
right when I think, ok , that’s it, this thing is coming off,,I check to realistically see if removal is even possible, I decide, nothing is bleeding, yes a bit painful but,,lets just wait and see..
Sure enough, the brain gets the message... and things begin to retreat.
Now that I have endured a few of those very hard events,
And I know now that nothing will bleed with even my best efforts at an erection, I can be ok with it when I feel it coming on..
Not like I’m looking forward to it regularly but not unwelcome either..
any one else doing this?
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Re: Big decision..

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I'm wired in such a way that not only does the pain *not* stop an erection, it causes me to become even *more* aroused.
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