Brief Pause and then back into the cage

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Brief Pause and then back into the cage

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I had a quick flight last week and a flurry of medical appointments early this week so my wife decided to proper sex me up (it had been a month) before I left town. The cage went into a drawer as I went into travel mode. I was able to behave myself while out of town since it was a busy schedule any way.

Meetings happened, I flew back and she showed me some attention but thwarted my advances to go further. I mean, I'm already unlocked. "No. It hasn't been long enough. You'll need to lock back up after the appointments."

Today was the final medical appointment that prevented me from being locked up. I passed the keys back to her before she left for work which she acknowledged. I gave everything a proper trim/shave as necessary while thinking this feels like getting ready for a date. My doctor gave me a good report and I rushed home to lock up. My excitement to return to the cage slowed down the progress while I calmed down.

I have been locked more than unlocked for the past several years and I have truly gotten to the point where I hate to be unlocked and outside of her control.

This wasn't an epic moment in our new lifestyle but it was a chance to reflect on what it has become.
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