Experiencing the lifestyle at a fast pace

Living the real life under lock and key
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Experiencing the lifestyle at a fast pace

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I originally was getting into chastity on my own when I was single. Started off with cheap plastics from ebay and only going a day or so locked. I've been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now, and our sex life started off very vanilla (no complaints here though). Chastity has been a growing thing however between us.

She started off with not knowing anything about this lifestyle, and wasn't completely into it at the beginning. Recently though, (after 3 adjustments) I have the perfect fit cage and am in a jailbird from MM. It's amazing to me how comfortable this cage is now that there's no squeezing, burning, or discomfort (unless she's teasing me)

I bought here a keyholder book that made her eyes open wide, and her getting a special smirk on her face after reading it. This book, on top of doing longer sessions caged and locked, has been transforming her in to my ultimate KH/Mistress. She now understands she's in charge and can (and will) use me at her leisure, and keeps me locked 100% of the time she doesn't want to play. But this last play session was many firsts for both of us. I had my first ever edgings, then she gave me my first ever ruined orgasms (wowwww!!! :o ), but to top it all off, she scooped my mess up and smeared it all over face and made me eat the majority of it. And of course she demanded to put the cage back on immediately after this humiliation. All of this was a first for both of us, and they all happened within an hour span.

What happened to my sweet, innocent beautiful vanilla little lover? And who is this dominant, assertive, sexy Mistress she's turning in to?!? :P

Sounds like my next real orgasm is a minimum of 4 weeks away. Longest I ever went was 2 weeks. She's into a dice game she just made up, and if I keep rolling the wrong numbers, my lock up time will be longer (or will they be the "right" numbers?? 🤔)

We're still young and in love, both in our 30s. But I think since she put a ring and lock on me, it's about time I put a ring on her 💍

Sorry for the long story about random events. But this chastity has made us so much closer and more loving than I thought it would turn in to. Just wanted to share with whoever is interested in reading. Thanks to all on here that shares their experiences. It's definitely helped the two of us understand, learn, and get new ideas. From a newbie, thanks again. Looking forward to becoming part of the club!
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