Permanent Chastity

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Permanent Chastity

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My husband and I started with the chastity belt four years ago. The first year we went through many misconceptions that I read on various sites. The first CB I bought for it was the CB6000S. It matched the dimensions of his penis in the flaccid state.My husband was able to pull out his penis and masturbate, which I discovered a month later. Two days later, he received a piercing from Prince Albert, at my insistence.
During the two months it took him to recover after a PA piercing, I researched which chastity belts were suitable for a PA piercing. I opted for Steelworxx Revenge and Steelworxx PA-lock.
I remember when I first installed Revenge with a PA lock. Then the first difficulties began. The biggest initially was wearing a CB during the night. He kept complaining. At first I gave in and took off the CB during the night and again insisted that the CB be worn at night as well. That lasted for two months until I cut and said that he has to get used to wearing a CB 24/7.With the PA lock, he peed in the spray. That's why he always needed a bottle of water to wash the head of his penis. A permanent chastity belt requires top hygiene. Steelworxx Revenge provides only good penile head hygiene.
Mature Metal Jail Bird provides superior hygiene, but has poor safety. The penis can be easily pulled out. Then I realized that the Steelworxx PA lock can also be used with Jail Bird. I ordered Jail Bird according to the measurements of the husband's penis and it is now a permanent chastity belt
Laser removal of pubic hair was also required for permanent wearing of the chastity belt.
Emptying the prostate without removing the CB and without a real orgasm is only possible with prostate milking. I will write about that in other posts. The journey to permanent chastity took 3 years.
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Re: Permanent Chastity

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Very nice! Wonder how long I should go?
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