Your Most Memorable Chastity Experiences

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Your Most Memorable Chastity Experiences

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Hey there,
My prior key holder was more into the honor system, but we did have some memorable experiences with enforced male chastity. Curious to hear others, not necessarily what the key holder said (I think there's another thread for that!) but the particular circumstances that were particularly memorable for you as a locked male or you as a key holder. I'll go first, then add a few more later:

She had a lot of female friends from a yahoo mom's group; one of them was getting divorced and was going out to get drunk with the ladies. My KH didn't really drink much and had a mom-van, so natural that she was the designated driver. I wanted it to be a good experience for her, so I thought I'd wash the car for her; in the meanwhile she took a nap to prep for the long night of partying.

I was caged (she DID tend to like the idea of me being locked on a girls' night out, such as this!), and did the normal outside washing; KH was still asleep, and I still had some time so I pulled out the vacuum and really got the whole van as spic and span as I could. What was particularly erotic to me was when I was working the vacuum over, my caged balls swayed to and fro, in synch with my movements (LOVE that feeling!). It put me into deep "sub space" thinking that as I working hard to please my KH, she was still asleep prepping for her night of fun.

She was the type of woman that had to shower before doing anything, and she could orgasm very quickly in the shower - although she was "shy" about it, I suspect that she masturbated a lot more then she let on. Even though I can't confirm it, she very well could have taken care of herself.

Well, the ladies came, all dressed up and since I'm a good bartender, I offered to pour cocktails for them as a pre-party. So there I was, having just served my KH, now I'm serving these other ladies. Not going to lie, it would have been SUPER hot if they also knew I was caged, but only my KH knew. AGAIN, it felt so erotic to have my balls sway around in the device as I shook the martinis. Every once in a while I'd get a hot little glance form her, a subtle acknowledgement of my "situation"; I've found sometimes it's erotic to think you have a chance at a release, but can be also very erotic to know, nope, we're not going to be needed the key tonight - and that was the case for me.

Anyway, I took care of the kids, cleaned up, and tried to sleep. She went on to party hard, and I am fairly certain that at least some of the women got hit on or chatted up - seemed to always happen on these girls nights out, it maybe a reason why she tended to enjoy me being locked up for them. I tried to fall asleep but had a hard time because I was so worked up. She ended up chatting with her drunk friend, and I finally fell asleep, locked.

This is probably my most memorable, erotic experience. The service, the feeling of the cage during my movements to make her happy, and the service to the other women while caged were just so hot, I still think about it with fondness.

Now you.
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