CONSTANT burning pain, not normal right?

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Re: CONSTANT burning pain, not normal right?

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For me all pain went away after switching to a custom cage and also the Holy Trainer. Use Silicone lube as often as needed. Wait for the pain to completely go away before trying again. One major mistake guys make is to buy a new cage and start wearing it 24/7 immediately. You need to wear it a few hours until it starts to bother you. When it no longer hurts, then starting wearing it a little longer an so on. Took m4 3 months before I could wear mine in comfort 24/7. Been wearing a cage for almost 12 years and I know a little bit about it. Your skin needs to get user to the ring GRADUALLY over a period of time.

The other problem is that the CB is not a great chastity cage. I could never get comfortable in it so I switched to the Holy Trainer and big difference. Then I went custom and it fit me like a glove. My point is that not only do you have to acclimate to your cage over time, but also find a cage that does not cause pain. I have 7 cages in my pursuit of a cage that fits. They costs a lot more than my Custom Made Jailbird. Should have went custom earlier than I did. Even with my custom cage I was getting pain. I called up Mature Metal and explained the problem and while I thought it was the ring size, it was actually the gap size that needed to be increased.

Also note that you need to wear the smallest ring size that fits without cutting off blood supply. If you can get the first joint of your index finger under the ring, that is the one for you. The reason is that a larger ring will move around too much and cause painful areas. A smaller ring does not move around and therefore no chafing or pain.

Hope this helps. It took me a while to learn all of this and now I often forget I'm locked in a cage because it is so comfy.
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Re: CONSTANT burning pain, not normal right?

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You can eliminate the burning by eliminating the scrotal ring. That requires getting a piercing so that you can wear a chastity tube without a ring, which is a serious commitment but very rewarding if you desire a chastity lifestyle. When it comes to chastity devices, less is often more effective if it’s done properly.
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Re: CONSTANT burning pain, not normal right?

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Put the money into a MM custom fit Jailbird. I had bag burn too from cheap metal one. Mistress at MM actually made mine smaller and trippled up base ring. I still apply Vaseline every morning, but no more burn and its been almost 4 yrs of 24/7 wear.
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