handjob while locked

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Re: handjob while locked

Post by Scsteelerfan »

Quick update. After returning from trip, which she let me be unlocked, I was locked back up then released a few weeks later. Did not relock until last week of April, but have not been our since. She has given me three caged orgasms but seems to not have plans to let me out as she gets her cum fix while I'm locked and through the strapon and two dildos we rotate between, she gets her cock fix also. Usually 4 to 5 nights per week for her. Definitely more often than she would use my cock.
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Re: handjob while locked

Post by Wurlygig »

I kinda like the feeling of being ruined or being brought orgasm in cage, I think the wife likes it as well, cause I can stay locked and be ruined or what ever her flavor is for the night. The first time was with one of those vibrating wands..... the feeling was incredible, almost over stimulating.
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Re: handjob while locked

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I have mixed feelings about it. On one side great pleasure on the other frustration I didn't feel the pleasure of the release.
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Re: handjob while locked

Post by brieflover »

Wow, you guys are so lucky. So jealous of all your play time.
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Re: handjob while locked

Post by Critter228 »

For me cumming in the cage is possible with time and patience. But I don’t like it for two reasons. First it kinda nullifies the reason I’m wearing it including the trust of my key holder/ gf. And secondly the times I have done it, I’ve wanted out of the cage ASAP. Like the game felt over, not disappointment not celebration, just it’s over now, take it off. And the craving for a full orgasm immediately after skyrockets.

Now I’ve only done this alone. If my gf made me cum in the cage intentionally with the understanding the game was still going, I’d imagine the psyche would be closer to that of a ruined orgasm where my need skyrockets but the subservience remains. I’m curious to find out some day.
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Re: handjob while locked

Post by Steve2059 »

Doesn't happen with me I'm afraid.
Were it allowed I can orgasm manually or vaginally. I've been milked once or twice while locked, but it takes so long She gets bored.
For lots of things that work for other folks, for me it's like trying to tickle myself.
I have quite recently learned how to achieve anal orgasms (really pleased and proud of myself), which She allows since they don't include emissions and leave me unfulfilled despite their intensity, but again I can't do them for myself.
I have a wireless vibrating buttplug (which some might consider medium but, at 2" diameter, takes me a while to get installed) which is very intense indeed with Her on the remote but merely pleasant when I'm in charge of it.
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