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Vice mini

Post by Gratassissy »

My girlfriend and I are new to chastity. I have currently been wearing a cb-6000. Not a good fit. Nocturnal erections pretty much tear the thing off. I have used the 42mm ring and I fits ok. The 36mm Is way too tight. Very uncomfortable and pinches all over. The overall design of the 6000 seems to leave a lot of wiggle room. My penis has all sorts of lengths, as we all do, I range from normal flaccid about 2.5 inches to a post workout flaccid which is 1 inch to all points in between.

Long story short after 6 days in the 6000 we have done quite a bit of research and think we have settled on the Vice mini. The anti-pullout ring seems fascinating and may work to keep me “centered” in the cage no matter what stage I am in.

Has anyone tried the Vice? Good, bad? I need of upgrade for long term wear.
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Re: Vice mini

Post by Tom Allen »

Just a note on the CB6000 rings: When I last checked, there was a manufacturing issue with one of the smaller sized rings which made it a considerably different size from what was claimed in the packaging. I pointed it out to them, but since the rings are made in expensive molds, I don't know if they ever changed that. Worse (or funnier, depending on one's perspective), I heard that some of the Chinese copies were made the same way.

Anyhow, I'm sure somebody around here can explain about the Vice. They advertise it pretty heavily.
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Re: Vice mini

Post by sirmebane »

I bought one to use for travel that involved metal detectors since it is all plastic except the brass lock. My wife doesn't care for plastic and doesn't like full coverage so I've put it up for sale in the marketplace here.

The Vice has a pretty neat system of different size rings and clamps to make the fit as snug as possible. The clamp portion closes behind the head of the penis and makes pull out difficult if not impossible. It takes some practice and patience but it works.

Your definition of long term would need to include a thorough cleaning every 3-4 days as enclosed plastic is hard to keep clean otherwise.

It isn't a huge investment and if it works, I'd rate it as a pretty fair starter (or more experienced user weekend) cage.
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Re: Vice mini

Post by Slave2Chastity »

I'm in a Vice Mini currently. I found through LOTS of trial and error that the gap between the cage and the ring is super important for me so that I don't get the burning on the underside of my balls. I am using the biggest gap and it has been very comfortable for the first week.
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