What a rush..

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What a rush..

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Two night ago I had what may have been the most profound sexual experience of my life. And I had it from across an ocean while fully clothed and without any orgasms.

It was a first for both of us. This dramatic experience was brought on by my normally submissive future wife. She is learning. And learning fast and its exciting to watch.

Recently she has grown more comfortable with the language of male chastity and submission. Reminding me that I belong to her and even correcting me, on more than one occasion, when I forget to use the correct ownership nouns. It's hers, not mine.

Two nights ago.. After 5 days straight inside the cage we were on the phone when I started to try to turn her on. She had told me the day before that we might have sex, so I was geared up.. I should of course have known that it was part of the plan!

Has she been reading up on how to dominate a submissive male? Has she been lurking here or Reddit picking up information...

So there I was, telling her what I would like to do to her in detail, and she is quiet.. Only lightly encouraging me to continue.. I realize now that she is letting me do it to myself.. The clever goddess.

As hot and bothered as I was getting, nothing compared to when she cut me off by saying she was not going to release me that night. My mind just about stopped.. My penis, understandably got really hard. It was a delicious, frustrating pain.

I tried to plead at first, but not too much. I wanted this. I wanted her denial and to remain horny and focused on her.. Also, I wanted her to know that I really will follow her commands and put myself in her hands.

Mentally accepting that I would remain locked, despite how incredibly horny I was and how much pressure my penis was undergoing, wasn't too hard.. The physical was something else.

My leg was shaking. I was stuttering my words and couldn't form complete sentences. I felt such incredible... Need. But I also believe I felt what real submission feels like when it becomes a physical act. And I loved it.

I can not speak on her behalf but she carries the same sentiment. Afterwards she felt more connected with me, warm and fuzzy, and in a "bubble" of happiness. Now I only want to help create those bubbles as often as possible.

I'm no virgin. But this is clearly another level of connecting. An elevated form of sex. There is no turning back now.

On another note.. What an interesting feeling when you are swollen and engorged.. And trying to calm down. But the blood is stuck, unable to disperse because of the ring. Eventually though you feel a rush deep down inside as the pathways open and then your penis and testicles start to relax. I've felt it before, but it was much stronger on this day.
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