First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

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First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by SteveOD »

We went from orgasms denial for a month at a time to permanent orgasm denial 10 years later. My Wife said she wants to kick it up a notch and make me even hornier than I am. She said she will wean me from sex. She recognizes the importance of intimacy in strengthening our emotional bond so she will make out with me about twice a month. Fully clothed and no touching her below the waist or under her clothes. This is not too bad for me because sex was once a week and I wore a hood so I could not see or kiss my wife while she squeeze my balls with one hand and used a vibrator with the other. My moans of pain trigger her orgasm and she has always cum fast. So she is done in 3 minutes or less and then leaves my bedroom. I am locked all the time during sex and basically just hear her cum. So not losing much.

I was curious if anyone else has been denied sex while locked in chastity? In my wife's mind, it is the final step in our chastity lifestyle. Just making out and no real sex. We have been into a lot of fetishes for almost 50 years and tend to go to the extremes with them. We found that if you do not take it up a notch, even the most exciting fetish or fantasy becomes routine and boring, Anyone in permanent orgasm denial reduce the amount of sex or increase it? In case anyone thinks this is made up, I will say that your belief does not matter to me. This is the tamest fetish we have done. I do not even believe the things we did. This is much better than being human toilet for example.
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

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Moved this from The Journey forum.
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by nosaint »

yeah, I think you're pretty much alone on this one. If there is one common theme of this board, it's we all want more sex with our wives, just our definition of "sex" varies.
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by KittensBoyToy »

I agree with @nosaint. Very few of the members or this board live, or would want to live, a life of permanent abstention.

While I enjoy the tease and denial that goes along with my chastity I would never want to give up having 'traditional' sex with M'Lady. The fact that it is infrequent and at her discretion makes it all that much more exciting. I am rarely denied orgasm during PIV but the possibility is always there.

Rule #11 of the House Rules states that "The submissive will provide pleasure to the Mistress at any time, and in any form, She commands". Pleasure can run the entire gamut from a foot massage, to attending her bubble bath, to sex with a strap on or vibrator, to oral, to PIV. All of these, except obviously PIV, have me straining at the bars of my cage.
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by TwistedMister »

This old mule needs to get the carrot once in a while, can't be just the stick all the time.
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by Lady M »

Yeah... I can't do the sex denial thing myself. I can pretty much deny him orgasm all I want but I gotta have me some of that lol

I've tried long term lock ups and even try toys etc but nothing beats the real thing... I have found I need to have him and the connection that goes along with sex.

Sometimes that connection is sex with orgasm becomes a thing but much easier to overcome that lol 😝
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Re: First orgasm denial and now sex denial.

Post by Clearstatic »

Guess it depends on the definition. It's been a few months since we have had piv.

She has really taken a liking to our strap on that I wear while locked. We are also having more oral sex for her. She thinks I could use the practice.
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