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30 days in

Post by sirmebane »

Our latest lockup has now entered a time frame she has been unlikely to visit in the past. I stay locked nearly all of the time but she feels like I need to orgasm around every two weeks. I appreciate the unwillingness on her part to "let me suffer" but I also know how difficult it is to recoup after being allowed a release.

I have repeatedly told her I'd rather be kept chaste and crave her but she keeps letting me out with instructions that I would orgasm. It has taken me a long time to shut up and stop topping from the bottom so I say thank you and she works me into a frenzy until my eyes cross. I'm still disappointed but I have to stop moaning first and reflect on what could have been.

Lately, she has been big on getting the cage back on immediately. I hate being caged right after an orgasm. Hate it. I was allowed out a week ago for some panty teasing but had explicit instructions that I was not allowed to orgasm. She did offer me the choice to climax but when I said I'd rather not she told me I could not change my mind. Kinda hot.

The cage wasn't unlocked at all during this last week but teasing was nearly every night. I'm not talking about deliberate edging but just something that makes me wish I could be erect. Last night I was so turned on I wanted to roll over to kiss her with some passion but she stiff armed me and gave me a firm no. "Check yourself, sir."

I hope she's getting a sense for the power she has and that I want her to yield. She isn't aware of Locktober, she doesn't read forums but I'm thinking of introducing the idea to her. We've been doing this for four years now, expanding the fun should be an option. Not sure I will do that since it feels like topping from the bottom again and me setting my own release date.

So complicated.
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Re: 30 days in

Post by Steve2059 »

I have a wife similar to Sirmebane's, who is inclined to take what she sees as pity.

I found though that She's as happy with a ruin as She is with a full orgasm, and She just thinks there should be semen on show from time to time. In fact She now prefers them since She found out I can multi-ruin and still be romantic, instead of cumming and going to sleep.

My preference would be to do neither, but as Sirmebane says, the whole point is not to be in charge.

Definitely mention Locktober - you've got all day :-) . My wife went from being appalled at the idea, to trying it out against Her better judgement, to yesterday when She had me cage up at midnight completely without any prodding from me.
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