What's your age?

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What's your age?

Post by Trisha »

Hi all,

I think age does matters a lot. Since I am also in another forum where most of couples are 35-60. We are only in our 25s so chastity becomes a little bit more frustrating for him. Some subs stays for months in chastity and it's not a big deal for them but my partner can barely able to stay in for 10-15 days.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by nosaint »

Trisha wrote: Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:13 am Hi all,

I think age does matters a lot. Since I am also in another forum where most of couples are 35-60. We are only in our 25s so chastity becomes a little bit more frustrating for him. Some subs stays for months in chastity and it's not a big deal for them but my partner can barely able to stay in for 10-15 days.
Age absolutely has a lot to do with it. I first got interested in chastity in my early 30's. I was amazed by the stories of guys going months, I didn't see how it was possible. It wasn't until I started slowing down somewhere in my 50's that I realized all those guys I had been talking to were significantly older than me and it made all the difference. They weren't better or more committed, they were at a different stage of life.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by slave d »

It’s of course true that age changes many things, the great thing with chastity, as we see in this forum, is that you can still be enjoying it as you get older .... and older !! maybe differently but still getting as much and some might say even more out of then. So age changes things sexually but so do many circumstances like children or grandchildren etc etc. Any true community has to represent any age that’s involved in that activity. i for one can tell you at ages 65 and 67 MsM and i are having the most enjoyable sex that’s we’ve had since we were dating at 16 and 18 and there’s not many “activities” that you can say that about in life !!!

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Re: What's your age?

Post by TwistedMister »

Hoo boy, if there had been male chastity cages when I was in my 20s...well, when I was 20 I was good for 6 or 7 times a day, and was living with a woman almost twice my age who wanted it that much.

At 25, if I was going to see my girl, I'd rub one out quick beforehand just so I wouldn't be too quick on the trigger when I got there. I can only imagine how it would have been to be locked back then.

Even at 40, going a month was tough. Now, while I am more 'accustomed' to it, it's still not necessarily 'easy' (especially with the Mrs. giving me supplements that increase my horniness) but I am a bit(?) of a masochist, and I've always been a stubborn bastard, so...

Actually @Trisha, I think that puts you in a good position- if it is that difficult for him to stay in, it gives you more leverage and more opportunities to have fun with it. The more he wants 'out', the more you can take advantage of it...if that's what you (and he) want.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by Critter228 »

So true what they are saying about age matters. I got into edging/denial in my early 20s but could never make it more than a few days. Finally made it 13 days in my 30s and could never force myself beyond that. until I met my gf and gave her control. I’m now 41 and She’s still not totally into it but she has pushed me past 13 days. Ive made it 42 days and I think 46 was my longest. I lost track. However we don’t use the cage normally. Sometimes for short term but she wants the real thing and thinks it looks weird on me. So I let her decide how we do it. I’m just glad I finally have someone to share it with.

If I had to make a rough guess I’d say the mans age is probably the max I would recommend give or take a few days. I’m at day 27 now. I want to finish today but realistically could go another week or so without totally losing it I think.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by Lady M »

Hubby is 40 and I'm mid 40's and we started the whole kinky thing, orgasm denial etc 20ish years ago and chastity etc started 7ish years ago... I dunno that things have changed other than getting more intense or more difficult because of kids etc.. Anyway, yeah
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Re: What's your age?

Post by BBsMS »

BB and I are both 58, it is definitely much easier at this age than it would have been when we were younger.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by caged4good »

I’m 50. Only tried a chastity device 2yrs ago. I had seen them when I was younger and thought that’s crazy someone would wear that; I’d never do it. Now, here I am locked away. :lol:

All this to say, as we age our experiences change our perspectives, motivations, and interests; not to mention physical aspects. I believe age definitely factors in to how one adapts to chastity life.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by SteveOD »

I am 69. We started chastity 10 years ago as a result of my wife having a girlfriend for 30 years and preferring sex with females to males. My wife is not sexually attracted to me, only women. It was not bad for the first 30 years because her girlfriend was into sexually dominating men as she did to her cuckold husband. After we moved away from the girlfriend we had no sex at all. I told my wife that I assume I am free to have sex with other women and she laughed saying who could I fuck with a one inch penis that cannot get erect? She was right and so we looked for a solution because she does love me a lot and shows it daily. Just not sexually interested in me because I do not have a pussy.

This is when chastity came to the rescue. It took all my frustrations in not having sex and turned them into a fetish which my wife grew to lover over the last 10 years. I no longer am allowed orgasm. We are in a wife led marriage and our good night kiss is me kissing her ass. It works for us. She has very expensive state-of-the art vibrators. If I was a young man I would not accept permanent orgasm denial. Now, my libido is low and cannot get erect. Intercourse is a physical impossibility. Add in a pinch of a wife who prefers sex with women and has reminded me many times that if I die before her, she is done completely with men and would seek out a woman to live with.
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Re: What's your age?

Post by DharmaProject »

I’m 44, my wife is 41. We started earlier this year so we’re still very new to chastity and orgasm denial. Since the official start, I’ve only had 19 orgasms compared to my wife’s 60+. Longest I’ve gone so far is 33 days. Currently I’m on day 11 of maybe 100 or for the rest of the year. It is all in her hands now, nothing I say or do will get her to agree to let me out and orgasm.
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