What's your age?

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Re: What's your age?

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51 and been doing this for about 9 years more on than off
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Re: What's your age?

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Re: What's your age?

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i got into it very shortly after i became an adult, and im in my early 20s now. kind of crazy that its possible ill spend a lot of my sexual peak years locked and begging for release :lol:
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Re: What's your age?

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I'm 57. But I've been thinking about this for years. My age is important in one way at least - our children are all grown up and more or less left home so we feel freeer to indulge our fantasies.
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Re: What's your age?

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GF is 27 I’m 26, just started this journey very recently. Before this funnily enough I was more the ‘dom’ in the bedroom as it were altough I always had submissive tendencies. Now that everything is out in the open and im locked up she’s really getting into it.

Have been 24/7 locked for 5 days now and she’s says the first lock up has to be quite long to really show commitment and make this a reality not my fantasy
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