Prepping for Locktober

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Re: Prepping for Locktober

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My wife and I have been talking a lot about consequences and that’s been really good but when i do something that she doesn’t like, her tendencies to not impose a strict consequence show up. She’s such a nice person in general that this is something that she’s having to learn. So I knew if she caught me it wasn’t going to be a bad punishment. Well... she caught me way off guard this time!! To say the least. We have come a long way over the last 7 years that we’ve been playing with chastity. We’ve talked about long term lockup’s but for the most part it’s been a lot of shorter term lockup’s. She’s obviously thought about it a little.... maybe longer terms is where she’s heading. Not sure .. though I kind of really want that😉. So I will say I didn’t really do a lot to be discreet when I was masterbating... I was just in another room and she walked in on me. We’re growing through the chastily process and it’s pretty cool that she’s progressing and taking charge a lot more lately.
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Re: Prepping for Locktober

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We are actually going to take a crack at a full Locktober this year. Around 3 weeks is the longest I've ever gone but that was more of a forgotten lockup because we got busy and there was no play. Yeah I was ready to explode when I finally got out but I can't imagine going to long with teasing and edging involved

Obviously the goal is to keep up our sex life and if anything an extra level of activity with no orgasm for me. Even after all these years of on and off chastity I still don't get how some go months at a time or longer. Should be a fun experiment in sexual psychology. She is more comfortable now as a keyholder then ever so she is finally ready to try too.
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Re: Prepping for Locktober

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@Lockedchef good luck. Sounds like you’re both ready for it.
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