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I was, until about 2 weeks ago, in the camp with those that trimmed the pubes and shaved my shaft and scrotum. Then I asked for, and was given permission, to try shaving the entire pubic area to see if we both liked it. So far there has been no mention/orders to grow it back so I am assuming Kitten likes the new look.

There have been several threads on the preferences between trimming, shaving or staying natural but none that specifically addressed maintaining a clean, smooth look. I am hoping for those that have been staying smooth for a while to discuss what methods you use to keep smooth.

Some of the things that might be helpful:

1. What type/brand of razor do you use?
2. What do you use for soap or shaving cream?
3. If you use a depilatory cream, which one and why?
4. How often do you need to shave or treat your pubic area?
5. Do you use any creams or moisturizers between shaving/treating?

Any other words of wisdom to those of us new to this?
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Re: Razors/Depilatories

Post by Steve2059 »

I've been clean shaven from the hips down for several years. It started with pube and sack trimming, which extended naturally to ass then legs.

Over this time I've used razors and hair removal creams. Hair removal creams didn't suit me, partly because they caused a rash if used often, which meant visible growth, and partly because they caused significant pain if accidentally applied to the anus or groin.

Razors worked well enough. I would avoid the cheapest disposables, but multi-bladed disposables with moisturiser strips are fine as long as they are only used when very sharp.

But for the last year or two I've used an electric shaver. After much research into devices supposedly designed for the male anatomy I've found that what is known in the UK as a Philishave, which I understand is called Norelco in the US, is perfect. It's a three-head rotary design and works everywhere, including scrotum, without nicks. I find the trick is to use it daily, which catches hair before it's grown to the point of pulling, and also I find my skin gets used to the shaver so razor burn isn't an issue after a short initial period.

Mine is one of the cheapest ranges but works well. I've had it a while so thinking about upgeading soon.

Again in the UK, Vaseline does a moisturiser which is inexpensive and designed for mature skin, which mine certainly is!
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Re: Razors/Depilatories

Post by slave d »

i am smooth from neck to anus and give the entire area a quick “go over” when i shave my face in the morning. i have a series 9 Braun shaver which in my opinion is the best i’ve ever owned. Yes i even do my scrotum with it though with the small device i have that area is pretty tight and smooth as well. Then once a week i use a disposable shaver that’s labelled for sensitive skin (it’s a ladies one) with a good shaving foam. We bath rather than shower so i do that sitting on the edge of the bath. It took a little while to be sure of zero nicks but they’re very rare now. MsM requires me to be hairless and has a nice landing strip Herself that extends down Her outer lips to show She’s not a little girl !!

MsM’s ld
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