Accidental Exposure

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Accidental Exposure

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This has been discussed before but I received a PM asking the following question so I thought I would answer it here.

"Now that you're admittedly locked up again after your most recent incident, are you comfortable sharing in either your blog, or one of the other threads, how you handled your device ref your hospital call and stay?

I didn't want to hijack your journey and ask there, and I didn't want to pose a question that you may not want to, or be comfortable, answer. But it would appear you both are back in the groove, so thought I'd pose it here, as others in addition to myself may be curious how you handled the situation, how the emergency services or hospital staff responded, etc with regard to you being in your device, if you indeed were.

And if not, well, that's ok too!

This was my reply.

"Gxx, my wife removed the cage prior to EMS arriving at the house so I was not caged at any time in the hospital. She had also, at my request, removed my collar earlier in the evening. The collar coming off had to do with the feeling that it was chocking me, probably due to the other things going on with my body at the time, not to avoid it being seen. (I wear it on the outside of my shirt collar 24/7 and am always happy to explain its meaning.)

There were 3 reasons to not go to the ER with the cage on. One, I don't believe we should expose others to our kink unnecessarily. Three of the doctors I see do know of my chastity. Second, there was the possibility of having to have tests done such as an MRI where the device might cause a problem. Last, I wouldn't want to take a chance on the device needing to be removed before my wife got there and possibly having a $400 device destroyed in the process.

Let me expound a bit on my answer and my feelings about exposure or being 'outed'.

For those who don't know, I wear a stainless steel collar secured with a custom lock that is engraved "Kitten's Property". It is almost always visible and until the night I had the heart attack it had not been off my neck in over a year except for rare medical reasons. (The collar and lock are 316 stainless steel so there is no need to take it off for showering, bathing or swimming.) When I get comments/complements on my 'necklace', usually from women, I am quick to point out that it is properly called a collar. I sometimes get asked what the engraving says and I will always let them look close enough to read it. It usually ends there and the reactions vary from a knowing smile to shock to a giggle. A few times it has led to more questions and some interesting conversations. Since they asked I don't feel I am exposing them to my kink without their consent and my answers are direct and to the point. The first answer is always preceded by something along the line of "are you sure you want to know?"

The cage is different. Obviously it is not out there for everyone to see. I'm not ashamed to say I am kept locked and chaste. In fact it is just the opposite. I am satisfied and happy with our dynamic, even to the point of being proud of the decision and the changes it brought to our lives. Neither Kitten nor I have a problem discussing it or, in an appropriate atmosphere/situation having me exposed to someone who wants to see the device. The only time I have ever been exposed to someone without their 'consent' is in an adult club. There nudity is common so I guess by going to one you automatically consent to some exposure to different kinks.

Both my civilian and VA primary care doctors know of my chastity as do 2 different counselors but none of them have had any reason/occasion to see me wearing the device. They need to know because it could affect my treatment but there is no reason to push it beyond what is needed. In an emergency situation things would be different. Had I been in a store alone when I had the heart attack some of the EMS/ER/hospital staff would have likely seen my cage. I have an emergency key but I don't carry it on me and I wouldn't worry during a health emergency about getting the cage removed. Unless immediate removal was necessary to treat my condition I would insist the device stay on until my wife arrived with the keys. Health care workers at all levels, but especially EMS and ER personnel, have likely seen stranger things so I doubt many would be shocked.
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