Most secure cages?

Living the real life under lock and key
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Re: Most secure cages?

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Husband of England's Queen Victoria. Fathered 9 kids. Died early which is why Victoria is almost always seen in black, she mourned him the rest of her life. He was an ardent abolitionist and was president of the abolitionist society.

Lots of rumors that he had a piercing but no evidence to back it up. The piercing was named after him anyway.
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Re: Most secure cages?

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Chastity is mental.

Not in the sense of we must be mad (though some would think that), but that it's a mindset.

Locks, padlocks, spikes, piercings, can all be overcome. Someone once said locking your dick is like handcuffing an octopus tentacle, and I think that's about right.
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