Increase in Chastity Due to COVID

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Re: Increase in Chastity Due to COVID

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When our state first went into lockdown, it was pretty hectic around here. My wife and I both had to start working from home within a few days of each other. My job is not really set up for that and I spent a lot of hours just getting things to work online. Her whole industry went into a tailspin. We both ended up working a lot more than usual. Our down time consisted of drinks in front of the TV. Our vanilla sex life was on hold, let alone anything having to do with chastity.

Things slowly calmed down and we settled into the new routine. We eased back into something resembling our old sex life. When our state first started talking about "phases" of re-opening, my wife said she thought it might be fun to tie in lock-ups and orgasms to whatever phase our county happened to be in at the time. We never did anything about it, though. I think it was just a notion, anyway. She's never been into tying my lock-ups to anything having to do with probability, numbers, or outside events. Basically, she wants to decide when and how.

The other day, there was something on the news about the possibility of the state going back into full lockdown with the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. She said, " Maybe that's not the only thing that will get locked down." I'm betting she was just teasing me, though. As I said, it's not really the kind thing she's ever been into.

She's been cut back to half time at work and is having less and less to do, so I can see her getting bored and ordering me back into the cage in the near future. There have been times she's kept me locked up, horny, and frustrated just because she was bored and it was something to do.

I hear being locked down together is causing strain on the relationships of some couples, but I think it had made ours stronger, even without chastity.
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