Chastity in the Pool

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Re: Chastity in the Pool

Post by sirmebane »

I feel like this is a "boxers or briefs" type of conversation. If you're in a speedo bikini like Favio, you're going to get noticed. If you're in a traditional shorts-style set of trunks, people would have to stare at your crotch at just the right moment and use a lot of imagination.
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Re: Chastity in the Pool

Post by KittensBoyToy »

Last summer we went to a pool party that was for a kids birthday ad I was worried about this. Back to my running days I wore lightweight shorts that had built in underwear to keep things in place. I'm not a fan of the nearly knee length trunks sold for men these days but that was all that seem to be available in the men's departments. I found shorts like I wanted were still sold, just in the women's department.

Kitten kept a watchful eye out and was close by the first couple of times I got out of the water. No problems with printing of the cage and I was comfortable.
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Re: Chastity in the Pool

Post by MeatLocker »

Exactly. I used to travel often and never wore more than a speedo and cage in the hotel pools. Lots of appreciative glances, a few stares, and one hot frank discussion with a pretty lady in a little black bikini. Be open and proud of who you are and why and you won’t have any problems
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Re: Chastity in the Pool

Post by Tom Allen »

I generally wear loose, baggy swim trunks that look like shorts. No issues with printing, and I don't call attention to myself. That's just how I roll.
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